Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Six Years

Last Sunday marked the sixth year that Heather and I have been married. I know it's not a HUGE landmark, however it has gotten me looking back to where those six years have gone. So I decided to go digging through memories that have been stuffed away into boxes and other plastic containers and tucked away in both high and low places.

For those of you who don't know I returned home from my mission December 21st 2001. I had no job, no car, and really no plans. When I got home my older brother Matt used to get onto LDS chat every day and flirt with girls. So since everyone was gone to work each day I decided to check out the chat room scene. Around January 6th I met a girl with the screen name of "TempleBound." After an hour or so of chatting with me she was overly annoyed but at the same time addicted to the dopeness that is Shane. Almost daily we would talk and soon the instant messaging and chatting wasn't sufficient and she had to hear my voice. The smooth sound of my voice vibrated the muscles in her heart a sufficient amount that the phone calls began happening on almost a daily basis. Soon after pictures and letters began being exchanged. Above is one of the first pictures Heather mailed to me.

My brother and I had both had the desire to make a trip to the Houston temple together. So we made tentative plans without any expectations other than a nice little visit to the temple. However all the phone calls and instant messaging created this uncontrollable desire in Heather to need to meet me in person. She became almost obsessed with the idea. So before I knew it she was coming up with plans on how to meet me at the temple. So above is the photo taken the first time we ever met in person. I think it was that moment when we first met in person at the temple when I knew I wanted to marry Heather...

So on went our relationship of nightly phone calls until odd hours of the night and Heather at this point basically addicted to Shane developed a master plan to have her dad bring her out to San Antonio to spend a weekend with me. So I told her when the next single adult church dance was going to happen. So Heather used that as an excuse to convince her father to drive 5 in a half hours to San Antonio. So above is a picture taken on what was essentially our first date. Which consisted of walking around the River Walk as I got us lost looking for the Alamo, and stopping to eat at Fudruckers before her Dad met back up with us to go back to the flat lands of Buna.

Now we fast forward ahead a couple months to the picture above which was taken in Buna, Texas after we were enganged to be married, but prior to her moving to San Antonio. There were a couple months where we took turns driving 5 hours to spend the weekend with one another.

Soon after Heather moved to San Antonio and we spent about 6 months together before the big wedding day came. Above is a picture from our wedding day.

Seriously this is one of the first "family" pictures we took, and it was soon after we moved to Cedar Park which was November 2006.

Above is the first professional family photo we took, and that was done last year before Christmas.

And now skip forward to our Christmas 2008 photo we took this year, and I think we have finally decided on making this annual picture a family tradition. So now with baby number 2 on the way and a new year approaching us in one minute. I look forward to many more wonderful years with my beautiful wife Heather, my adorable daughter Hannah, and whatever God decides to bring us in 2009!


  1. Ugh I have never been more depressed in my life. Look at how thin then fat I was. Annoying.

    By the way this wasn't a one way street of obsession thank you very much.

  2. Heather, We can all see through Shane's lame attempt at making it look as if it was a one way street and cut through to how sweet that post was. The pictures were awesome. It's fun to see you guys just starting out.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Awww, I enjoyed all the pictures! Shane you did a good job recapping your life together, although I have to agree it couldnt have been ALL Heather. lol. Happy 6 years!

  4. heather always did get what she wanted. Of course who could resist a stud like you shane.

  5. I love the story...It's amazing and I never knew the whole story. Just that you met online, etc. How sweet!

  6. Why do I have a feeling the obsession went both ways?!? Silly boy... give Heather more credit than that!

  7. Ha gee thanks make me sound like a

  8. what shane didn't mention was the amazingly good looking, awesome brother of heathers...the real reason heather and shane got married was so that shane and matt could be brother-in-laws and could then in fact make fun of everyone else at every family outing for eternity!

  9. You are correct Matt I totally left that part out...

    But I was trying to make this post ALL about Heather.


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