Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dancing Machine

She woke up crying this morning, and pretty thirsty to put it best. So as soon as she got her sippy cup in her hands she was pretty good to go. So I turned on the TV, and started watching Good Morning America. When Hannah put her drink down and began dancing and spinning around and just lauphing and lauphing up a storm. No music was playing, I suppose she just wanted to dance.

She really loves the theme song to 7th Heaven (not sure why) So the other night I was giving her a bath, and she was having fun, and playing in the tub splashing around and jibber jabbing. When all of a sudden she popped up and started swaying back and forth, leaning lower and lower as she swayed. I was a little confused until the background noise of the TV finally seaped into my ears and I noticed 7th Heaven was on in the other room. It was just hilariouse that she noticed it, and started dancing in the tub.

She has a new routine, now around 8:30 she will usually grab her blanket climb her way up onto the couch with me and then roll and push her head into my chest, arm, head, or pretty much whatever is by her head when she gets up there, and she starts rolling in circles as if she is trying to get comfortable, and then she will suck her fingures and lay still for a few seconds until she repeats the process. So then I will ask her if she is ready to go to sleep, or go night night. Then she will grab her blanket slide off the couch and march her wobbly little legs towards her room, making her way down the hall with me following close in her footsteps. I push her bedroom door open and she rounds the corner making her way to her crib where she stands in front with her arms raised. So I lift her up hug her, kiss her, and say good night and she rolls herself up in her blanket and jibber jabbers her way to sleep. It's the cutest thing in the world and I really really hope I can always invision her wobbling her way to the room, with her little scrawny legs, and cute little face, and the way her bright blue eyes gaze back at me as I lay her down to sleep.