Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Worry There's A Bunny

On the way home from San Antonio Saturday night I begin to hear small subtle grunts filter through my ear from the backseat of our Kia mini van. We had already exited off 35 and were cruising swiftly up 183 on the home stretch. We were so close I could already feel our 500 thread count sheets softly caressing my skin as I sink down into my bed. I turn around to see what was the cause to all the ruckus and I see Hannah with her left hand tightly gripping her right wrist and violently twisting, turning, and pulling as she grunts and groans.

"I can't get it." she softly mutters in between grunts.

"I can't take my hand off! I can't do it." she softly exclaims.

Then she moves her hand up towards her elbow and begins to twist and pull and grunt and groan.

"I can't take off my elbow!" her voice has now taken on a bit of despair and frustration.

"I want to take off my elbow!"

Then she lets out a deep sigh and softly exclaims, "I can't do it."

On Friday I was stretched out on our beat up maroon pleather couch enjoying the madness that takes place in the month of March on CBS. Hannah was standing in front of me dressed in her PJ's straight out of the shower her hair damp with the smell of the Herbal Essence shampoo still fresh in the air. Subconsciously I reach out and begin to softly fiddle faddle and play with her hair. When my little princess of a daughter turns and loudly exclaims, "STOP IT!"

I briefly stop waiting for her to turn back around with her back to me and I begin to run my fingers through her hair. This time in a giggling voice she says, "Stop playing with my hair!"

Now it has officially turned into a game and I go ahead and play right along with her, and when she turns back around I go straight to touching her hair, and each time my fingers touch her hair she turns and giggles and tells me to stop. After about four or five times of repeating this process Hannah folds her arms and says, "Ugh! (letting out a sigh) this is a BIG problem."

How funny is that?

I looked over at Heather and we both just started to bust out laughing. We are still unsure as to where she learned that expression from.

Click on either image to see all of our easter pictures. We drove down to San Antonio on Saturday to hang out since Kelly was in town. Hannah had a lot of fun and was crying when we left because she didn't want to leave Trevor. They played together almost the entire time, not to mention all the fun Easter activities Kelly had planned out. We started the day out with coloring easter eggs in the back yard until we got forced inside by bees taking over. Ethan went out to kill as many as he could and he finally retreated as well after reporting 40 deaths and several other casualties. We then moved our little party to the front yard where we hooked up a sprinkler and had a little fun in the water. We didn't bring any spare outfits for Hannah so she had to play in her diaper until she decided to take it off and go skinny dipping. Trevor was nice enough to let her wear his bathing suit he wasn't using. While the kids were playing in the water, Kelly and my mom were stuffing plastic eggs with candy. As the kids dried off Ethan fresh out of battle hid all the eggs in the front yard. Then we let the three little rascals lose collecting as many eggs as they could jam into their new furry baskets that Grandma was nice enough to purchase for them all at Target. Matt came through with the Golden Chick for lunch (even though he was late as always) and Kelly finished off our day by cooking up some spiral ham, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus.

My only complaint is that my Mom never has anything to drink in the fridge. Ethan has this like secret stash of sodas in his bedroom, but even to sneak one of those out means you either have to stick it in the freezer and wait for it to get cold or drink it luke warm because they also have no ice in the house.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


"There’s a mouse in the cupboard that nibbles your crumbs
And you talk to him every night
You say, “Hey, Mr. Whiskers, I’m bored and I’m numb
You can stay if you just treat me right.”
Just last year you were fortunate baby
And your friends circled around you in groves
Are they thinking of you? Maybe just maybe
But not a one has bothered to phone
Tell me where oh where did they go

"When your family calls you make nice to them all
And assure them you’re fine and you’re great

Then you cry in the bath, cry so hard that you laugh
Then you watch television til late
Who do you need? Nobody.
You’re lucky nobody’s around

I can pour my own drinks
No thanks, Mister. Go on, and get out of town..."

Sometimes I wonder if this song was written about me, sometimes I wonder if I have any friends, the friends I do have I often wonder if they even really like me, or just tolerate me when I randomly call them, or grace them with my presence. I don't really have anyone I hang out with, and I haven't for quite some time now.

Sometimes I wonder if you really need friends? Perhaps these thoughts are me trying to justify my coolness and convince myself that friends don't define cool (meaning the more friends you have, the cooler you are). Sometimes I can't blame people for not wanting to be around me. Sometimes I think that as long as Hannah wants to kick it with me, then I am good to go.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads my blog. Sometimes I wonder if it even matters if anyone reads my blog.

Sometimes I wonder...

(Song is by Bishop Allen and the title is "The News From Your Bed")

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bracket 2008

Today was selection Sunday. I haven't filled out my bracket just yet, I plan on doing that at some point tomorrow. I did however watch UNC win the ACC tournament today, and solidify their number 1 seat in the NCAA tournament. Then I caught the second half of the Houston Vs Lakers game after I woke up from a little nap after church and with this win against the Lakers it pushed Houston's winning streak to 22 in a row. I still am a bit unsure as to how Houston is pulling this off without Yao Ming.

I filled out my bracket last night and here is how I see it playing out, although I have a few doubts about some of my picks there is one thing I am beyond certain of, and that is who the champion will be. Without further banter I give you my picks:





The four teams making it to San Antonio will be:





Then in the finals it will be


And UNC will be going home as the 2008 NCAA Champions! Please feel free to give me your picks and also a little friendly trash talking is always welcome on this blog. So if you disagree with some of my picks please drop some knowledge on me and anyone else reading.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008


I finally got The Darjeeling Limited, the latest installment of Wes Anderson. One of the main reasons I love Wes Anderson's movies is because he puts painstaking detail into each and every scene. Everything going on from the position of the actor, objects in the background, colors, lighting, music, every aspect is done with real thought, and is on purpose. With this movie, I noticed a whole new aspect to this detail oriented writer/director. The entire movie consisted of a relatively small color scheme. The entire movie was primarily yellow overall, with compliments of blue, black, white, and grays, then with touches of red. This is Wes Anderson's fifth movie, and it seems that he has chosen yellow to brand himself, as well as one particular font, Futura Bold. In Life Aquatic all the credits and text were set in yellow, and again this movie did the same thing. Only this movie went even further than only the credits, and text, but even the actors themselves seemed to take on a bit more of a yellow tone to their skin, and the background as well, and almost everywhere you see yellow. In the middle of the movie it tends to become more blue, and the end of the movie is dominated by red, but the yellow never leaves. It was beautiful.

I also thought Wes Anderson has always chosen the perfect moments to use slow motion, and once again in this movie he chose the perfect moments to put the movie in slow motion, not only that, but the music throughout the movie perfectly fits the scene. The music in general really sets a tone, and also helps tell the story.

The story itself is wonderfully written, by the end of the movie you are really able to relate to the characters, and truly understand all of their quirks. The splashes of subtle humor are peppered throughout the movie making it what I like to call a smart humor. Most comedies seem to consist of stupid humor.

For an example, one of the characters introduces a book he wrote to his two brothers, and asks them to read it. So one of the brothers begins reading it, and upon conclusion he says, "I thought it was really good, but I don't appreciate how the part where I yelled at the mechanic, that never happened."

Then the brother who wrote it looks up at him and says, "The characters are all fictional."

Monday, March 03, 2008


My top five players in the NBA so far this season, in no paticular order, are:

Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Tim Duncan
Kevin Garnett
Dirk Nowitzki

One of those five deserve the MVP, but if I was to cast my vote right now it would be Kobe Bryant (even though I hate the Lakers)