Friday, August 29, 2008


pink, slightly swollen, throbbing with pain, itchy, and a fair amount of gunk was the condition of my left eye at around 3:30 am when I awoke and then was unable to get back to sleep until after I accidently woke Heather up in what was seeming to be an endless search for the eye drop medication in hopes of bringing myself some sort of temporary relief for the remainder of the night. I finally fell back asleep around 5:30 or 6:00.

To all the irresponsible parents out there who allow their children who are infected with such highly contagious diseases like pink eye, please don't allow them to go swimming in the community pool at your apartment complex, or jump and hang from the necks of friendly neighbors such as myself, and then at the end of the night casually mention that your child has pink eye.


Especially since this is the second time this week that it has happened, and from two different kids.

Since I try to remain as positive as possible and being that today was FUNday, I have to add that my day was spent in bed watching season 1 of Arrested Development (Thanks Amanda), which in all reality no one can consider that a BAD day now can they?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phone Call

Around 2:33pm my cell phone rang and I answered to here Hannah's voice at the other end. She excitedly exclaimed, "Daddy! I just went poop!"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Man

I meant to post something yesterday but got caught up in the day to day activities. Yesterday marked the 10th year that my dad Michael Guymon passed away. It's funny how the memory of that day sits on my mind as if it was yesterday. I can remember how the sky was partly cloudy, but the sun was shining bright in an almost insulting manner. The day, since then hasn't really been a memorable day. In the sense that I treat it as any other day. I suppose I feel like that's what he would want me to do. He stays fresh on my mind on a daily basis anyways. I frequently have vivid dreams about him. Some where I know he is dead and everything remains the same, and I even ask him in the dream about where he has been, and catching him up on things in my life. I have others where it is as if he never did die. I can still remember small details like exactly how it feels to hug my father...

I can't believe it has been 10 years.

I had planned on doing one of three things in memory of The Man:
1.) Drink a cherry coke fountain drink
2.) Drink a chocolate malt
3.) Eat a banana split

Sadly none of the three happened. It was a refreshing day though. When I say that I don't mean to sound as if something extraordinary occurred, but rather I just got caught up in the daily grind of life. I went to work came home (realized I left my cell phone at work) filled a cup full of Mountain Dew went out to the pool with Hannah, & Heather. I read an interesting article in a HOW magazine as Hannah swam. She kept filling this small little toy milk jug with water and bringing it to me to pretend to drink it, and she would giggle. Heather and I enjoyed one anothers company and just had small talk as Hannah played in the pool. We then went inside gave Hannah a bath and Heather left to attend a meeting for church, and I stayed home and kicked it with Hannah solo. I was watching the olympics as Hannah informed me that she needed to get ready for her ballet class. So she brought me her ballerina skirt, and then her "matching" shirt, and then she found her sparkly pink shoes and fluffy white socks. I helped her get ready and she kissed me good bye and off she went on her scooter to her room where she shut her bedroom door. A few minutes later she returned announcing, "I'M BACK!" She continued to run back and forth from her bedroom to me to announce different things until 9:30 rolled around and I decided she needed to go to bed. So we said a prayer (she said it) and off she went to bed where she played until Heather got home after 10:00. I don't think she went to bed until after 10:30 and I stayed up playing on the computer doing some design stuff. I went to bed around 11:30 or 12:00.

In some ways I feel like that is some what insulting to my father, in others I feel like that is how he would want it to be. I think I should of at least crossed one of those three items off my list though.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So four little pansy's in France decided to talk a little smack, and when asked about the American relay team Alain Bernard said, “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came here for.” (full story)

And instead, "The oldest man on the U.S. swimming team pulled off one of the great comebacks in Olympic history Monday morning, lunging to the wall just ahead of France's Alain Bernard in a race so fast it actually erased two world records." (full story)

I was seriously on my feet yelling, "TAKE THAT FRENCHIES!!!" As my man Jason Lezak began walking down them Frenchies on the last leg of the race. As he touched the last wall I started to see that he had a chance, and I was on my feet cheering him on, and when he touched the wall before France I was almost in tears in excitement! Prolly one of the best comebacks I've watched on TV.

So Take That France! (If you didn't know I despise the Frenchies, especially when they talk trash about my country, I only allow myself one Frenchy to like and that spot has been filled by the lucky Boris Diaw of the Phoenix Suns). I wish I could of found a picture of the reaction on "Team France" after it happened, it was PRICELESS!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

IE 6 : (

“IE 6 is a last-generation browser. This means that IE 6 can’t provide the same web experience that modern browsers can. Continued support of IE 6 means that we can’t optimize our interfaces or provide an enhanced customer experience in our apps. Supporting IE 6 means slower progress, less progress, and, in some places, no progress. We want to make sure the experience is the best it can be for the vast majority of our customers, and continuing to support IE 6 holds us back.”

Click here to read the full article.

Let's hope this means the end to IE6 is quickly approaching us.

Friday, August 08, 2008

That's Not Funny

We had just come inside from a "National Night Out" party our Apartment Complex put on with some free Bar-B-Que out by the swimming pool. We gave Hannah a bath, and we were all sitting down watching TV, and Hannah is munching on a brownie and saying, "I wanna watch 101 Dalmatians (only I can't spell how she really tries to pronounce it which is MUCH cuter)."

Heather says, "No! you are about to have to go to bed."

So lately Hannah is on this HUGE why kick, where she has to ask "WHY?" after everything you say. So of course casually as she is picking pieces of chocolate off of her brownie, she asks, "Why do I have to go to bed?"

So I jump in to play her little game and I say something like, "Cause it's time to go to bed."

Hannah: "Why?"
Me: "Because after the sun goes down and it get's dark outside you have to go to bed."
Hannah: (without looking up, but instead she remains focused on picking at her brownie she says in the most casual nonchalant tone) "That's not funny..."

I'm not really sure if that did it any justice, because when it actually happened, it was the funniest thing of the day. I just busted up laughing, and I think at first Heather was in some sort of shock, or perhaps it took a little bit to register and she just looked down at Hannah who just maintained focus, and Heather also started busting up with laughter. Finally after I laughed for a good minute straight Hannah seemed to realize that we thought what SHE did was funny, so then she kept saying, "That's NOT funny!" It's times like those that I wish my memory functioned more like a digital camera recording reality so I could just hook myself up to a computer and replay it over and over again.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Brown Eyes

As I am leaving home to go to work this morning, I am making my way from the bedroom where I gave Hannah a hug told her I loved her, and that I was going to work. I then made my way around the bed and extended a hug and kiss to Heather as well. I walk out of the bedroom and make my way to the kitchen with Hannah trotting almost fluttering behind me dressed in her baby blue Cinderella princess gown. I grab a plastic bag full of leftovers from the fridge and I give Hannah one last hug and kiss, and she tells me she is going to wait there for me to leave. I tell her I will see her later and open the door and walk out and right before the door closes I hear her shout, "I love your brown eyes!"

So I chuckle and open the door quickly to see no one standing in the doorway anymore, but I yell back, "I love your beautiful blue eyes."

Then I hear her say, "Thank you!"

Then with a smile on my face I make my way to my car and venture to work. I think it's going to be a great Monday today!