Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UpDate Central

I am doing absolutly nothing, just hanging out at home, watching TV, making several pointless trips to Target and Wal*Mart, we finally got ahold of some boxes to start packing, but then it's like what do you pack, and what do you wait to pack, cause we still ahve to live, and use things, and wear clothes and somehow function. I wish I had enough money to pay some people to just come in and pack everything up for me into a truck drive it to Austin, and unload it all. That would be awesome!

Moving sucks, and also we havent officially heard wheather or not we have even gotten the apartment...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well around two weeks ago on Thursday after lunch I was notified that I would be laid off and my last day was October 31st. So I spent the second half of my day sending my resume out to as many places as I could find for a new job. I even sent it out to three or four places in Austin just to give myself more of a chance. By the end of that day two places contacted me, one is Austin, called Practice Cafe, and another in San Antonio, not sure what the name of it is. Friday I recieved another response from a diffrent company in Austin called Practice Cafe. They invited me out for an interview last Wed. So I put together a small book of different logos I have designed as something they could keep to remember me by. They were planning on hiring one person. The interview went great, and they told me they would know who they would hire by Friday. So Friday rolled around and my phone rang around 1:30pm my heart was pounding and they informed me that they had already hired someone but they were now contemplating hiring two people and I was the second person. The only thing was they wouldn't know until Tuesday (Today). So today went by very slow, tense, and stressfull. There hours past without a single call. Soon 3:30pm rolls around and hope was beiginng to slowly fade from my system. I decided to make a call, where I recieved an answering machine and I left a very brief message. Three hours rolled by without a single call. That was until 6:00pm when my phone finally rang, and it was them...


I start on November 27th...

So now Austin will be our new home!

Monday, November 06, 2006


If you would please direct your attention to:

Logo Pond

my logos are being featured for the public to vote on and rip apart in the form of a comments (or they can rain down praise) Anyways if you have the time please skip on over there and take a little peak, if you have more time, well get a free membership to the site, and make a vote, if you still have time leave a comment, they are always apreciated please include the words, "AWSOME," "BRILLIANT," "INCREDABLE," "FABULOUSE," and any other words that would communicate good positive thoughts.