Thursday, August 30, 2007


I keep forgetting to update my movie watching, and now so much time has passed I can't recall all the movies I've watched, so here are a few highlights I do remember.

Disturbia: This movie was decent, it ended a bit too quickly and didn't really develope the story or develope any sort of suspense like I was expecting. It was worth watching at least once though.

The Last Mimzy: A kids movie, that wasn't terrible, but also wasn't spectacular. It wasn't the "Feel Good" movie I was expecting it to be, but it was decent. Despite Keli (Heather's good friend) complaining throughout the entire movie.

Fracture: I spoke to my brother Mark, and my "BFF" Bucky and they both said they had the movie figured out pretty early. Me, I never figured it out, and so I felt the movie was pretty darn good, and very entertaining. I spent the entire movie trying my hardest to figure it out. I figured out ONE aspect, but not the MAJOR aspect. Anyways it is one of the better movies I've seen, NOT "300" good, but it was good.

The Ex: I have been keeping an eye out for this movie to hit theaters for awhile now, because I'ma HUGE fan of Scrubs, and a bigger fan of Zack Braff, so when we were strolling through Blockbuster and I saw it on the shelf I was rather surprised because I never even knew it hit theaters. Regardless I quickly snatched it up and it wasn't the GREATEST comedy, but it was definetly funny, and enjoyable. So it's definetly worth anyones time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Capitol

I've lived in Texas my entire humble 26 years of life, most of which was spent in San Antonio, which is an hour away from Austin. Now I've been living in Austin for 8 months, and this was my first ever trip to the State Capitol.

Keli, Heather's good friend, was in town visiting us, and most of it has been spent in our apartment, so finally this weekend we actually decided to get out and do something. It was a lot of fun, we were able to find a parking spot right across the street, and paid 50 cents to park for 33 minutes. I took a bunch of pictures while we were there.

This morning I was sitting on the edge of the bed putting my shoes and socks on and Hannah was sitting next to me. So I leaned over to give her a kiss, and got a hand in my face pushing me away telling me, "NOOOOOO!"

One of her hands then was cuffed firmly over her mouth putting a permanant block on any chances pulling another attack. So I leaned over and said, "Please give me a kiss."

She held her ground and a muffled, "No!" was heard.

Heather called me into the kitchen so I got up and went to find Heather getting together something for me to take for lunch, answered her questions and went back in to sit with Hannah at the edge of the bed. When I returned she looked over at me and said, "I want a kiss."

So I smiled and leaned over and gave her a kiss, and then she held out her arms and said, "I want a hug daddy."

So I leaned over and gave her a hug, and then she said the cutest thing, "There you go daddy."

So I smiled and said, "Thanks Hannah."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Bucket

Here is a story about Hannah as told to me by Heather:

"Hannah got mad at Jonathon (the boy Heather has been babysitting.) and threw a yellow bucket at him and so when I told her to come here, she walked in to where I was, looked me straight in the face, and I said "Hannah, did you throw something at Jonathon?"

and she just stared at me for a second and said "YUP!"

I kept a straight face and said "well I really appreciate you telling mommy the truth, now go say sorry to Jonathon and give him a hug and no more throwing stuff ok"

and she said "K! DONAFON! I HUG!!"

Freaking hilarious man..."

Sunday, August 19, 2007


9 years ago from today my father Michael Ned Guymon passed away. My life has forever changed since that day. Some days it seems like it was yesterday, and other times it seems as though it's hard to remember what life was like with him still here.

I feel as though I need to do something to honor The Man, but am unsure as to what I should or could do, beside keep his memory on my mind and pass on a little bit of him to the world.

My father was always honest in his dealings with his fellow man.
He was very sarcastic, and humorous and made life with him enjoyable.
He was loyal to his family and friends. (Family ALWAYS came first.)
He was supportive and the only reason he ever missed one of my basketball games or other events was due to health reasons making him physically unable to be present, but always wanted a detailed description of what he missed.
He will forever remain my Hero.

I received a text message from my brother Mark earlier that read:
"Long live Mike...Honor him."

So seeing as how my pops was big on Coke, and used to have almost a daily ritual of stopping by Texaco on his way to work every morning and filling up his cup with Coke, or Cherry Coke. I decided to get myself a Coke and pay tribute to The Man.

Enjoy the video

Friday, August 17, 2007


Wednesday is basketball night for me. So after we put Hannah to bed I laced up my white and gray adidas and headed out the door, my first stop was to pick up a Dr. Pepper & Snickers for Heather and took it back to her. Then made my way out to the church to play some basketball.

To give a bit of history back in January I twisted my ankle pretty bad, my ankle swelled up and turned all black and blue. Since then I have tweaked it just about everytime I play, and had one other minor sprain on the same ankle since now.

Well Wednesday I was playing pretty swell on the hardwood, winning some games I even hit two game winners, and my team had been successful at staying on the court for the majority of the night.

It was the last game of the night and I had the ball dribbling it up the court and I saw an opening in the lane, I already knew I could give the guy attempting to gaurd me the shimmey shake and breeze right by him, so sure enough I strolled up court until I reached the 3 point line, which is deceptive because 80 percent of the time, that's where I stop and that's where I am the most deadly, so I paused, and BAM! I was gone down the middle of the lane until another guy tried to reach me before I reached the basket and stuck one of his legs out into my path and my left foot steped directly on his foot resulting in me dropping the ball saying OW! and hopping to the stage rolling on my back and asking someone to take my spot...

Did I mention it HURT REALLY bad.

Thursday I had a date with a dermotologist in her office to look at a life long mole I have had on my back, which Heather has grown peranoid of, because her father had a bad one on his back that was cancerish. I was also having my skin looked at becasue I get these Sun spots, or something around my kneck and on my back.

Well the doctor looked at my moll, measured it, looked at my other moles on my body said that it didn't apear to be bad, but recommended getting it removed "just in case." She said it apeared to be a bit darker than my other molls. Then she said, "I've had some cancelations so we can go ahead and get this taken care of today if you'd like."

So I said, "How long does it usually take?"

Doctor, "Oh like maybe 10 minutes."

Me, "Ok..."

So the doctor left for alittle while, her assistant or nurse came back and and cleaned the area and stuck me with a needle to deaden the area where the mole was. Then the doctor came in and in one quick swipe the mole was gone, and I didn't feel a thing. Only problem is I put my shirt back on, and made my way to the counter and was informed that, that was concidered a surgery and I had to pay 120 dollars for it. Along with the 40 dollars for the visit.

I got back to work and a by the time I got through with lunch the medication wore off and my back started throbbing. So now I have a bummed ankle that I'm hobbling around on, and a chunk missing from my back.

The sad thing is I feel like a small piece of me is missing now, I've lived with that brown growth on my back for many many years, I even accidently tore it off one or two times just to ahve it come back. Now it is gone and out of my life forever, and my back will never look the same again.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Volume Control

Have you ever noticed that whenever a commercial comes on it is like 4 notches louder than the actual show being brodcasted through the tube.

It's rather annoying, I believe ABC and MTV are some of the worst.

If I could I would smash whoever is responsible like the picture above.

Speaking of the picture above if you get a chance click on the image so you can view a selection of similar pictures taken by a photographer, they are all pretty sweet. Each picture is a photograph of clay figures exploding.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Count From One to Shoe

We've been teaching Hannah how to count from 1-10 and she has been doing great at it every time. So then we decide to pull out the camera and make a video and this is was what happened.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Preston Ridge

Accosionally we get clients that come and go as far as communication is invovled, so some projects seem to just linger. This project was rather intresting for me in paticular because of how much personal growth was invovled as the project was happening. the first project I ever did for this doctor was an advertisement he was putting in the yellow pages. From their I started designing a direct mailer that would be mailed out to around 10,000 people in his general area. After that I did a general design for a website.

The doctor approved the yellow page ad within a few days of me finalizing the design, after that we didn't hear from him for a month about any of the other projects. The next time we heard from him was because he was ready to print some business cards with the logo that Phil designed. Then he disapeared again. During that time I progressed a significant amount in HTML, XHTML, & CSS, as I jumped on the intellegent bandwagon of "Web Standards" which was started by Jeffrey Zeldman.

So I decided to totally redesign his website from the original design trying to impliment some of the new skills I had aquired. Today the website has finally gone live for the whole entire intrawebs pleasure.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

First Time

My good friend and once missionary companion on the mean streets of Modi Das Cruzes in Sao Paul, Brazil stared into his sons eyes for the first time yesterday. It was a very special day and moment. One that impacts you in a way that changes you all in one quick and solid instance in time. It's like you realize for the first time what pure love really is. The purity and innocence of a child radiates from a new borns eyes and you can't help but to be effected by it.

So a huge para bems goes out to my boy Burkman (Chris) and his wife Cindy. To get all the stats and a solid amount of first day photos click the picture above or here.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quick Movie Update

We watched two movies recently which were both good.

Trust the Man: Heather and I both laughed alot through out this movie, and all in all it is a good story, and ends happy.

Bobby: I'm not a HUGE fan of any of the Kennedy's at the same time I say that I also know little to nothing about them. I just know we are from separate political parties. That being said I enjoyed the movie, but I enjoyed it not so much for what types of political undertones were being delivered, and the different stabs at what is also happening today, but I enjoyed the acting, I loved the Simon and Garfunkel song they played at the end. I also really enjoyed how Bobby Kennedy played himself by them mixing in actual footage of him anytime he was in a scene. There's a ton of well known actors in the film, so that was kind of cool aspect as well.

Also I just wanted to mention a few recent music finds I've been currently enjoying while I work:[Thanks Angie (I doubt she would ever even read this.)]

Postal Service
Death Cab For Cutie
Joshua Radin
Bishop Allen

Monday, August 06, 2007


Recently I noticed that my flickr account recieved a free upgrade to "Pro" status which means I now have unlimited photos I can upload, as well as, unlimited amounts of groups of photos I can create. Which is great for me, because I love my flickr account, even more so since I also saw that you can download free software that allows you to upload large amounts of photos at a time in a breeze.

So over the weekend I went through some recent photos we have taken of Hannah and uploaded a large quantity, and will continue to do so, I may even take more recreational photos as well since I have always wanted to get into photography. I may be adding more work related photos as we are doing projects here just to kind of show our process of working through photos.

Anyways here's a link to my flickr account for your viewing pleasure, or you can simply click on the beautiful picture of Hannah at the top which should also send you zooming through cyber space to my wonderful home that flickr has graciously built.

click here.

My wonderful wife has diligently been maintaining an online arsanals of our myriads of photos of Hannah since her commencement into this beautiful yet often times cruel world at dropshots.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


1.) I hate mayonnaise. (This is one of the reasons I order hamburgers dry, no katchup, mustard, or mayo.)

2.) I eat my pizza by first picking off all the toppings, and occasionally will eat the cheese and some other random items (never peperoni.) Then I eat the pizza in all of it's crust and sauce goodness.

3.) I wear a pair of basketball shorts under everything I wear.

4.) Poop time is a sacred time that should be spent reading a magazine in solitude.

5.) I love high thread count sheets, and wont settle for anything less than 400. The first sheet set Heather and I owned was 600. (Stems from the fact that I love soft things.)

6.) I've worn a rubber band of some sort on my wrist since I was in 8th grade.

7.) Before I purchase something I always have to take what I call, "The Walk" where I walk around for 10 or more minutes, then if I still want the item, that is when I return and actually purchase it.

8.) My favorite thing to wear is sweats. (Which is why winter is my favorite time of year.)

9.) I love typography, and a lot of times I am able to name what font was used as I see them in their natural habbitat.

10.) I'm afraid of swimming in any body of water that has living animals in it besides humans. (Lakes, ponds, rivers, springs, oceans, seas, etc..)

I don't know 8 people to tag, but here are the only ones I do know, who most likely WONT participate, but they may surprise me. I can't complain, I only did it for my cousin.
Chris Burkman, Sam Burkman, Rand Blair, & Rick Doane

Ready, Set, GO!

Here's a video of Hannah jumping off the top of her slide. She came and told me that she wanted to, "Ready, Set, GO!" so I followed her to her room, she told me where to sit, and luckily I grabed the camera as I entered the room so I could catch her in action.

For more videos Click Here.

In other news:
My sweet wife Heather rented 300 yesterday right when Blockbuster opened and had it sitting on the counter waiting for me, so as soon as Hannah went to bed, and Heather left to do some grocery shopping I slipped the DVD into the DVD player poured a glass of grape Kool-Aid grabbed a small blanket and sprawled out on the couch and hit play.

The movie was spectacularly filmed and acted. It was beautiful and stunning. The way the battle sequences pan out where they keep switching from real motion to slow motion at the perfect moments freezing a crushing blow to the enemy on screen. Boy do I really feel like I missed out on catching this on the big silver screen.

I believe it delivers a great message of a people willing to fight for their freedom, a people who were happy to see death stare them in the face while fighting for their families, friends, and their nation.