Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Practice Cafe

So I can officially say I finished my first week now. I was supposed to start on Monday, and showed up to move into my apartment on Saturday with a Uhaul, and the Inlaws ready to get everything sitiated, and I was made aware that the apartment was never approved for us to move in. (although we had been told a week earlier that it was ready, and they were expecting us.) It was a giant fiasco that ended in us staying the weekend with my new fantastic, and totally awesome boss, Rebecca Palmer. Hannah got sick, and Monday at around 12:00pm we were finally given the ok to sign the contract and move into our apartment. By then it was only me, and Jared (my boss's husband) so we moved everything into the apartment, and slowly we, by we I mean Heather, have begun putting everything in the right places, and getting it into a livable/homey condition. We have our Christmas tree up, and decorations are placed sparatically around the rooms, and it has been rather nice.

I finally started work last Tuesday, and I pretty much just hit the ground running, with a few trips on the way. They were already pretty busy, so they kinda just threw me on some projects, and I just worked my way through them asking TONS of questions along the way. I have a huge desk, my own phone (with my own extention & voice mail,) a G5 MAC with a dope flat screen monitor.

their are 3 designers that work their, two of us (including me) are brand spanking new, and whenever a new logo is being designed everyone gets to take a stab at it, then as an office we pick the best 6-8 of everyones, and send them to the client, then whoever's get's picked they pretty much take over the rest of the file. So today we heard back from the first Logo I took part in designing, and one of mine was chosen. I have to say I was quite shocked, and at the same time I was giddy as a school girl.

My desk has slowly become consumed with projects, and I find myself having to force myself to go home, one day I just totally skipped lunch working straight through...

It's madness, but it is so much fun, I'm LOVING it!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UpDate Central

I am doing absolutly nothing, just hanging out at home, watching TV, making several pointless trips to Target and Wal*Mart, we finally got ahold of some boxes to start packing, but then it's like what do you pack, and what do you wait to pack, cause we still ahve to live, and use things, and wear clothes and somehow function. I wish I had enough money to pay some people to just come in and pack everything up for me into a truck drive it to Austin, and unload it all. That would be awesome!

Moving sucks, and also we havent officially heard wheather or not we have even gotten the apartment...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well around two weeks ago on Thursday after lunch I was notified that I would be laid off and my last day was October 31st. So I spent the second half of my day sending my resume out to as many places as I could find for a new job. I even sent it out to three or four places in Austin just to give myself more of a chance. By the end of that day two places contacted me, one is Austin, called Practice Cafe, and another in San Antonio, not sure what the name of it is. Friday I recieved another response from a diffrent company in Austin called Practice Cafe. They invited me out for an interview last Wed. So I put together a small book of different logos I have designed as something they could keep to remember me by. They were planning on hiring one person. The interview went great, and they told me they would know who they would hire by Friday. So Friday rolled around and my phone rang around 1:30pm my heart was pounding and they informed me that they had already hired someone but they were now contemplating hiring two people and I was the second person. The only thing was they wouldn't know until Tuesday (Today). So today went by very slow, tense, and stressfull. There hours past without a single call. Soon 3:30pm rolls around and hope was beiginng to slowly fade from my system. I decided to make a call, where I recieved an answering machine and I left a very brief message. Three hours rolled by without a single call. That was until 6:00pm when my phone finally rang, and it was them...


I start on November 27th...

So now Austin will be our new home!

Monday, November 06, 2006


If you would please direct your attention to:

Logo Pond

my logos are being featured for the public to vote on and rip apart in the form of a comments (or they can rain down praise) Anyways if you have the time please skip on over there and take a little peak, if you have more time, well get a free membership to the site, and make a vote, if you still have time leave a comment, they are always apreciated please include the words, "AWSOME," "BRILLIANT," "INCREDABLE," "FABULOUSE," and any other words that would communicate good positive thoughts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hannah Originally uploaded by shaneguymon.
Here are some new photos of Hannah from this weekend which also happened to be my birthday. So Happy birthday to me, I am now the ripe ol' age of 26 which brings me on a down hill slope towards 30. I can already feel it in my back. Although in my mind, and my heart I still think I'm 18, and some people would say my face would give a good arguement, especially since most people I run into think I'm either in High school or just graduated. Anyways I hope you enjoy the photos, if you click on the one to the side, it should take you to a set of pictures. I'll be adding more in the near future, because I really need to get my flickr account back up, I've been neglecting it, and it is really awesome when you get into it and really see how it works, and all that you can do with it.

Monday, October 09, 2006


I stare aimlessly watching a ceiling fan spin round and round, I roll over to the side kicking my feet off the bed as I turn my body smoothly into a sitting position with my feet softly touching the carpet. My eyes quickly scan the dark room to gather my surroundings, and soon I gather myself together enough to lift myself completely from the bed, and somehow I still feel weightless as I make my way into the closet and grab some socks and shoes along with a cool shirt to wear. I sit myself back down onto the bed slowly and slide my socks and shoes onto my feet, and tie my shoes up tightly. I get into my car and take turn on the radio, the length of the drive seems shorter than usual as I reach my destination and as soon as I open my car door I can immediately hear the sound of squeaking shoes, and a bouncing ball. As I enter the gym it seems as though everyone knows my name, and they all speak highly of my abilities to play the game. Suddenly the feelings of having to live up to their remarks enter my mind and sinks deep into my chest. I step out onto the floor and each step I take is as though I am walking on the moon. So as I start to dribble and make a move it is slow, and hard, and I become lifted up into the air slowly rising and floating. Everyone else seems to be able to move about as a normal person would. I grow frustrated with this, as I am unable to get to the basket. I begin to shoot the ball, only every shot ends up being short no matter how much effort I put into heaving the ball towards the basket. Each step I take leaves me floating into the air and I try and try to force myself to stay on the ground. Soon the air is filled with counter arguments refuting all the positive remarks referring to me. Then the excuses begin raining down drenching everyone on the floor, until I my frustrations grow.

I stare aimlessly watching a ceiling fan spin round and round, mundanely spinning in circles in a dark room. Throwing shadows on the wall that grow in huge proportions as they stretch forth across the four walls. Soon I began to feel the weight of my body and the softness of the sheets against me, and the sound of my cell phone beeping beside me slowly forces its way through my ears into my brain.


Mark your calanders because Saturday October 14th is the day the earth was blessed with the presence of Shane Michael Guymon.

marca seus calandarios por que este Sabado dia 14 de Outubro e o dia que este planeto foi beincaodo com a presenca de Shane Michael Guymon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sometimes I have to remind myself that right is not always easy. It has been said, "Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leadeth to destruction, and many there be who go in there at; Because strait is the agate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."1

Many times when life gets hard and difficult I begin to get discouraged that perhaps I have erred, and perhaps I have made some wrong choice, or have sinned. Then I have to remind myself that the right choice is not always the easy choice. What does that exactly mean, well it means that trials, hardships, obstacles, struggles, and tribulation are not in any way signs of sinning, nor is it a punishment.

We are all here on this earth to learn and grow, and the only way to learn and grow is through struggle, and pain. I read something the other day, I've read it many times before, but it was inspiring to read this last time, "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes."2

No one's life is easy, and all too often I get caught up in the belief that if I had more money then I would be happy, and ok, or if I had two cars, or if I had a house to call a home. Although all of these would be great comforts they in know way ensure mine, or anyone else's happiness.

Am I idlely wasting away my days with blind faith in God, is my trust in him in vain because of my slothfulness? I would fight the fight that my efforts are in the eternal progression of my soul, and I am in a constant battle to improve, and be perfected. It is a long and slow battle, but I feel that each and every day I am making the small steps in the right directions. Sure I slip and fall throughout my journey.

It is funny I was explaining it to a friend the other day, and the best I could do was to compare it to math, which I am terrible at, but it was the best comparison I could come up with to illustrate life. You see first you need to learn the formula, to figure out the problems of life. Once you figure out the formula you study it. However even if you have a great knowledge of the functionality of the formula many times you will still get the wrong answer. So in life I can honestly say that I know the formula, yet still many times I get the wrong answer. Whether it be out of pride in my knowledge in the formula, to where I try to speed through the problem, and stumble and fall, or whether I grow lazy, and carelessly fall to the way side, regardless of the reasoning I still get the wrong answer.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vote For Shane

I recently submitted some designs to Threadless.com. Please take the time to click on the links on the right under "Vote For Shane." Be sure to give me a whopping "5." So we can ALL be winners.

Eu deseinei algumas deseinhos por um T-Shirt, entao por favor vota por Shane para que eu posso ganhar. Tem um link no direito embaixo do "Vote For Shane"

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dancing Machine

She woke up crying this morning, and pretty thirsty to put it best. So as soon as she got her sippy cup in her hands she was pretty good to go. So I turned on the TV, and started watching Good Morning America. When Hannah put her drink down and began dancing and spinning around and just lauphing and lauphing up a storm. No music was playing, I suppose she just wanted to dance.

She really loves the theme song to 7th Heaven (not sure why) So the other night I was giving her a bath, and she was having fun, and playing in the tub splashing around and jibber jabbing. When all of a sudden she popped up and started swaying back and forth, leaning lower and lower as she swayed. I was a little confused until the background noise of the TV finally seaped into my ears and I noticed 7th Heaven was on in the other room. It was just hilariouse that she noticed it, and started dancing in the tub.

She has a new routine, now around 8:30 she will usually grab her blanket climb her way up onto the couch with me and then roll and push her head into my chest, arm, head, or pretty much whatever is by her head when she gets up there, and she starts rolling in circles as if she is trying to get comfortable, and then she will suck her fingures and lay still for a few seconds until she repeats the process. So then I will ask her if she is ready to go to sleep, or go night night. Then she will grab her blanket slide off the couch and march her wobbly little legs towards her room, making her way down the hall with me following close in her footsteps. I push her bedroom door open and she rounds the corner making her way to her crib where she stands in front with her arms raised. So I lift her up hug her, kiss her, and say good night and she rolls herself up in her blanket and jibber jabbers her way to sleep. It's the cutest thing in the world and I really really hope I can always invision her wobbling her way to the room, with her little scrawny legs, and cute little face, and the way her bright blue eyes gaze back at me as I lay her down to sleep.