Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Practice Cafe

So I can officially say I finished my first week now. I was supposed to start on Monday, and showed up to move into my apartment on Saturday with a Uhaul, and the Inlaws ready to get everything sitiated, and I was made aware that the apartment was never approved for us to move in. (although we had been told a week earlier that it was ready, and they were expecting us.) It was a giant fiasco that ended in us staying the weekend with my new fantastic, and totally awesome boss, Rebecca Palmer. Hannah got sick, and Monday at around 12:00pm we were finally given the ok to sign the contract and move into our apartment. By then it was only me, and Jared (my boss's husband) so we moved everything into the apartment, and slowly we, by we I mean Heather, have begun putting everything in the right places, and getting it into a livable/homey condition. We have our Christmas tree up, and decorations are placed sparatically around the rooms, and it has been rather nice.

I finally started work last Tuesday, and I pretty much just hit the ground running, with a few trips on the way. They were already pretty busy, so they kinda just threw me on some projects, and I just worked my way through them asking TONS of questions along the way. I have a huge desk, my own phone (with my own extention & voice mail,) a G5 MAC with a dope flat screen monitor.

their are 3 designers that work their, two of us (including me) are brand spanking new, and whenever a new logo is being designed everyone gets to take a stab at it, then as an office we pick the best 6-8 of everyones, and send them to the client, then whoever's get's picked they pretty much take over the rest of the file. So today we heard back from the first Logo I took part in designing, and one of mine was chosen. I have to say I was quite shocked, and at the same time I was giddy as a school girl.

My desk has slowly become consumed with projects, and I find myself having to force myself to go home, one day I just totally skipped lunch working straight through...

It's madness, but it is so much fun, I'm LOVING it!