Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm so glad the Celtics didn't only beat the Lakers tonight but they just humiliated them the entire game. It was so nice to finally see Kevin Garnett win a championship.
Although my boy Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen got robbed for the Finals MVP, I was still satisfied to finally see Paul Pierce also get some much deserved love. Paul Pierce definitely played well not only in the Finals, but the entire season and especially in the play-offs. But my man Ray Allen was just superb against the Lake show. I mean he had his fair share of Kobe duty that he did a dang fine job with, not only that but he also had to go right back at Kobe on the other end of the floor and still managed to average 20 points a game. Tonight he hit 7 3's with that silky smooth jumper of his. I mean watching Ray Allen shoot is almost a work of art in and of itself, hearing the wet sound the the ball makes as it is swishing through the bucket is just indescribable! He totally deserved to be holding up that smaller but still shiny trophy at the end of the game.

It's good to see the Celtics back at the top!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bring Me My Moneys!

As soon as I stepped through the door I heard a loud squeal and I saw Hannah circling around the table on her little scooter and she yelled with glee, "Daddy did you bring me my moneys?"

and I just started cracking up as I leaned over to give her a hug.

Now let me back this thang up a bit so my infinite abyss of devoted readers can understand the real humor in this statement. You see, Friday when I got home from work Hannah had this little insert from a Barbie DVD she has that had additional toys to coincide with this Barbie DVD. Well Hannah found one of the toys in particular to be a must have addition to her infinite abyss of toys that are accumulating in her bedroom and in various places throughout our home. She carried this piece of paper staring at this particular picture of this toy (as if she was Smeagal and it was The Ring) and showing it to us over and over and telling us we needed to go to the store and get it. So I told her that we had to have money to do that. So her reply was for us to go buy some money. When I told her it didn't work like that, then she said that I still needed to go get some money. So I told her that I had to go to work to get money. She seemed to understand that, but then all she kept talking about is how she wanted to go to work with me to get the money for the toy right then and their. So I told her I didn't have to go back to work until Monday. So now jump back to when I got home from work, and the first thing she asks me when she sees me come through the door is, Do I have her money?

That right their is FUNNNY!

Friday, June 06, 2008

NBA Finals 2008

I can't help but entertain the thoughts of conspiracy theories in regards to the NBA's involvement in how this whole NBA Finals has worked out, did they have this planned the entire time, were refs urged to make BAD calls to help one team over the other? Or if it really is just "The Perfect Storm." It's hard to think it just happened with how HUGE the NBA is taking advantage of this on a marketing level. I mean before the game they had a whole tribute to the history of the match-up. All over ESPN and and anywhere else you find throwback pictures of Tragic and Bird. They've even gone so far as to make a "Split Face" commercial with Bird and Tragic (Magic) Johnson.

There is only one HUGE problem with all of this madness. The NBA is trying to artificially create the drama and emotion that existed back in the 70's and 80's between the two teams. They are trying to awaken the rivalry from the dust. Only those same emotions don't exist anymore. Not between the players and NOT between the fans. All though my hatred for the LAkers has NEVER worn off since those shining years of the 80's growing up rooting for Larry "LEGEND." My LOVE for BOSTON didn't stick around either. Although I am rooting for the Celtics, and have been the entire season because as far as the franchise is concerned I want to see them return to what they once were, however they aren't the same team anymore. The main reason I want the Celtics to win is because I have been a fan of both Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen for quite some time. So I am excited for both of them to "hopefully" get a championship. They both deserve it, but Kevin Garnett more so.

I think Scoop Jackson put it best from his Page 2 article he wrote for
"The '80s takes it. Because of the one factor that existed then but doesn't now: race. The black versus white element of the rivalry in the '80s was just as important as anything geographical or basketball-related. That's what made a sports event transcend athletics and enter into America's social structure. Race -- built on the Bird/Magic non-basketball dynamic -- was the core reason we all were galvanized and fascinated. And though many would consider this a hindrance to what the rivalry was about, in truth it essentially made the rivalry beautiful. It made each race respect the other, forty-eight minutes at a time."

To add to that, I wouldn't say it was ALL race, but more so it was BIRD and Magic, I mean they were rivals in college battling each other for the College title, and then they both entered the NBA as rivals again competing for Rookie of the year. So although they are friends now, during their years on the court they HATED one another. If you were a Larry Bird fan you weren't a fan of Magic (you might of respected his game, but you HATED him.) Likewise if you were a fan of Magic Johnson then you HATED Larry Bird. Those emotions and sentiments between fans and players don't exist anymore.

So David Stern, please give it up man, just let the finals be what they are, a GREAT match-up between two GREAT teams, and not a rebirth of what ONCE was.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hannah's Song

We are sitting on the couch watching the 2008 MTV Movie Awards and I notice Hannah is singing a song. This isn't abnormal or strange in any way because Hannah spends most of her day pransing around and singing songs she hears from cartoons or sometimes she makes them up. Well this song I looked down at her as she was sitting cuddling up beside me on the couch and she asked me if I wanted to sing it with her. So I asked her what the words were and she taught me the song. So if you'd like to hear it, her it goes...

Let's goooooo!
Rocket soup with the Big Jet
Sail away, sail away, saaaaaaail awaaaaaaaaaaay!