Sunday, July 29, 2007

Word Warrior

Just now Heather and I were lounging around watching an episode of snapped where they were talking about this crazy lady who killed her husband that scored a shocking 160 on an IQ test while in highschool. Hearing this reminded me of when I took an online IQ test myself. This is what I had to say about it on Monday 8-07-07:

So I just finished up an online IQ test at webtickle. Anyways the important thing is that I scored a 124, better than that is what it said about my score:

"Your Intellectual Type is Word Warrior. This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results."

Then if I wanted to, which I don't, I can spend 13 bucks for a 15 page report telling me all these other nifty things about me.

The only thing any of you need to know about me now is that I am a Freakin Word Warrior!

Don't Mess With Me!

You see I spent all this time throughout my childhood trying to become a blackbelt karate ninja master, by watching any and everything having to do with ninjas or Karate, from movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and I fell short of these skillz, it's because I was not meant to be a warrior in a physical way, but actually, "My tounge is the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart" (If you can name the band, or song you get 1 million bonus points!!!)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Around four years ago the battery on my watch died, so I slid it off my wrist and into a basket where I kept a collection of personal items in. The basket sat on top of a dresser in my closet. Four moves later and for some reason I have gotten this gun-ho urge to revive the watch with a new battery. Only problem is, I don't have a dresser in my closet, and I know longer use that basket as a resting place for personal keepsakes. Despite these minor details Thursday night during a commercial break of "Mad Men" I decided to go on an all out hunt for the watch. 1 hour later Heather (my wife) and I dug up countless small treasures buried away in boxes that have been left relatively untouched throughout multiple moves. We even threw a portion of junk away.

The watch still remains to be un-found, and Mad Man is proving to be NOT as interesting as I first thought, especially since the search for the watch consumed the remaining 20 minutes of the show, and on until almost 11:00 pm.

The problem now is, with me I get really irritated when I can't find something, so it is just stuck in my mind and just keeps itching away at me until I finally find it.

What things have ya'll lost over the years?

In Other News:
Heather started watching a 6 year old boy who talks non-stop the entire day. Hannah has really enjoyed his company, not to mention someone to play with throughout the day. He seems to be a pretty good kid and it is a way for Heather to make some extra money to help us pay off some of our debt.

Factory Girl: LAME!
Zodiac: Intriguing, and very entertaining. Also I'm a sucker for true stories.

Have you seen any really good movies lately?

*The movie I am really anxiouse to see on DVD is 300! Which comes out this coming up Tuesday*

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mad Men

Last Thursday a new show on AMC debuted called Mad Men. It's about a big Ad agency in New York on Madasin Ave, thus the name "Mad" Men. The show is set in the 60's when "Ad Men" were the superstars of the world, and had what most people felt was the most glamerouse job. The show is written and directed by some of the folks that brought you The Sapranos.

I was anxiouse to see the show mainly because that is not neccessarily the industry I'm currently in, but definetly the older brother, and most definetly one I would be very eager to join. So since the show hit's so close to home in the intrests zone, I will most definetly call AMC my home away from home come Thursday at 9:00 CST. I suggest you do the same...

I'm intrested to know if anyone else tuned in last week, and to get their thoughts on the show.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

This is one of the better movies I've seen in awhile. The movie is set in Spain 1944, and is totally in spanish, so unless you know spanish, you will be reading the entire movie, but it's worth it. The movie is rated R, and does have a few scenes of violence, because it is during a time of war. However this movie has one of the best messages of all time. The movie is basically a fairy tale for adults.

One great lesson the movie teaches is basically an analogy of life itself. There is a part in the movie where the girl who's name is Ofelia, has to go to this room and recover an item in a box to which she has the key for. This Faun tells her when she enters the room their will be a large feast, but not to eat or drink ANYTHING, & that it is necessary to her survival that she obeys him in doing this, because their was a being in there that was not human, and that was evil, and her life would be in danger. Also she had a specific time limit to getting back before it was too late. The Faun sends three fairies, which are his friends to go along and help Ofelia. So as she enters the room there is indeed a large table with a larger quantity of food of all sorts, and at the end of the table is a monster with it's hands rested on the table appearing to be a sleep, the monster has no eyes , but directly in front of him on a plate sitting on the table is two eye balls. The fairies fly over to three small locked boxes to the left of the table and so she figures out which box her key fits and opens it, retrieves a very shiny dagger or knife, then begins to make her venture back to the doorway. As she is walking back past the table of food it is becoming more and more enticing, and her appetites begin to grow. She stops and looks back at the frozen and silent monstrous figure at the end of the table, and she silently begins to move her hand towards some sumptuous grapes. The fairies make many attempts at stopping her and putting her back on course. She brushes them off and continues in her attempts to quench her appetite. As soon as she plucks a grape from the table the monsters hands twitch awake, and begins to feel around for it's eyes. All the while Ofelia is oblivious to the whole awakening of the monster. The one grape was not sufficient, and the taste was so grand that she had to have another, the monster by now has placed each eye ball in either palm and is now able to see Ofelia partaking of the fruit from his table. The fairies begin to flutter their way over to the monster in attempts to distract him, suddenly Ofelia becomes aware of the monsters awakening but is still not afraid, it was not until the monster catches two of the fairies and begins to eat them, then Suddenly she begins to run, and the monster walks after her in true cliché fashion...

Anyways as I was watching this portion of the movie, I of course was pondering over the fact of how easy a task it was to NOT partake of any of the food. It was a short amount of time, and as soon as she returned to her room, and the "REAL WORLD" she would be able to eat. It seemed so simple. Then I tried applying it to myself, and the many appetites that we are asked to suppress, and control as well. I thought that perhaps if I was to look at a distance at my own life, I would realize that this life is but a small, and short moment in the eternal aspects of our existence. So I am sure it is also easy for someone watching my life to be able to want to shout out the exact same things, and their thoughts are probably very similar that it should be so simple to just NOT partake in the sinful acts that quench our every appetite.

It's funny too because every time I become weak I am always able to notice something very similar to fairies (a friendly helper.) attempting to put me back on the true and correct path to happiness, and so often I brush them away and partake to appease my appetites.

Other Movies:
Apocalypto: Fabulous movie
Blood & Chocolate: Extremely cheesy!
Beer Fest: LAME!

Monday, July 16, 2007


The past couple of days when Hannah wakes up in the morning one of us gets up and carries her from her crib to our bed, where she lays down in our bed with us for about 20 minutes, as we watch her Little Einsteins DVD, which she adores.

Well it turns out that after they got back home from dropping me off at work Hannah decided she wanted to continue watching her movie, so she somehow climbed up onto our king sized bed, plopped herself comfortably down into our 450 thread count sheets, found the remote, turned on the TV, and somehow figured out how to play the DVD and she sat on our bed solo watching her "Steins" (thats what she calls them.) Luckily Heather caught a video of it, as well as a few photos.


Friday, July 13, 2007

The Simpsons

Here is what I would look like if I was to live in the animated city of Springfield. If you would like to make your own Simpsons character feel free to go to the movie website and partake of the fun!

The Simpsons

Click on the image if you'd like to get a closer look.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

4th of July

I'm a little late but who cares I used vacation time from work and so I had a long weekend, I was off 4th to the 8th. July 4th we were invited over to a friends house with a bunch of other families with little kids for a bar-b-que. Hannah had a blast playing with everyone, the food was good, and they even had vanilla coke, and A & W Cream Soda. We ended that day shooting off small fire crackers in the front yard of the family hosting the party. The entire time I was like is it legal to shoot off fire works here or something. I let Hannah hold a sparkler, and shake it around and she enjoyed that. The rest of the time I was chasing her around in the heat while everyone else was watching the little fire works go off, and other kids continued to play with sparklers when coming up the street was two police officers, and they slowly came to a holt infront of the house. They calmly told everyone that they were illegal and that someone was going to have to recieve a ticket, and the rest of the fire crackers would be confiscated...

Thursday & Friday were spent relaxing around the house with the family. We watched a few movies, I played with Hannah, we made a few trips to the store and the mall, and that is about all I can remember.

Friday was my moms birthday, and Thursday night Mark had arrived in San Antonio. I wanted to get down there on Friday, but it didn't pan out, and we ended up leaving for San Antonio Saturday morning when we woke up.

It was pretty awesome because almost my whole family was together, we were missing my sister Shauuna and her family. I can't even remember the last time my entire family was all together, so having this many of them was a big treat. Kelly and her son Trevor (3) and daughter Lauren (1.45) had already been in town visiting for a week, Matt is living in San Antonio, and Ethan is still living with mom. Then Mark his wife Mo and their 3 daughters Maile (4) Michaela (2.5) Marissa (2.5) all had made the trip down, and then Me, Heather, and Hannah (2) showed up. It was a very full house to say the least. Hannah had a fabulouse time with all her cousins and uncles.

We left Sunday night around 7:30 after we ate some of Kelly's delectable meat loaf, & letting Hannah swim with Trevor and Lauren in Kelly's blow up pool in the back yard, and also letting Lauren and Hannah take a bath together.

Sadly we forgot our camera so no pictures or special moments were captured, for now all we have is the memories infused in our minds and hearts which hopefully can transcend time.

Movies Watched:

Black Snake Moan (intresting.)
Driving Lessons (Stars the red head from Harry Potter has a good Soundtrack, and it was a funny movie, also a good story.)
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (Disapointment.)
Blood Diamond (I really enjoyed this movie.)
The Groomsmen (Funny, sad, depressing, but ends happy. It should make you laugh a few times though!)
Fur (wierd.)
Little children (intresting way of telling the story through narration, it was intresting, a few wierd moments, a few moments where we were both laughing pretty hard, and other moments where I was worried, with suspence, the ending is a bit ho-hum, but it doesn't end as a tragedy like I was worried it would.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ethan Haas?

Well for that lucky multitude of people who were able to see Transformers already in theaters (me NOT included.) They all saw a very intresting and short trailer for an untitled movie which is either being called "Cloverfield" or "1-18-08" You can now see the preview here. There has been quite a bit of buzz about this movie, that apears to be some what of a blair witch project type movie where it is being filmed by ordinary cameras, as if it is simply eye witness accounts. Atleast thats how the trailer is. The movie is JJ Abrahms projects, he is the guy behind LOST.

Anyways here are a few links to sites related to the movie, I've become quite obsessed with figuring out everything, to learn more. One site has a bunch of puzzles that you have to unlock to be able to see a short and fuzzy video of a guy named Van Mantra who is giving different clues and information.

Ethan Haas was right.
Ethan Haas was wrong.
Ethan Haas

If you are tired of trying to find the answers to the puzzles yourself, here is the cheaters guide.

Cheaters Guide.

My take on everything right now, is that I think it is going to be a movie based on The Book of Revelations, which will be an end of the world movie. I think Ethan Haas is playing the role of the Anti-Christ, thus the whole double website with Ethan Haas was right, and Ethan Haas was wrong.

Anyways the comments on Ethan Haas was wrong has basically turned into a forum of discussion and speculation from everyone trying to figure everything out as well. Also if you drop by You Tube and do a few searchs for all those names you will find plenty of videos on the same subject. Just search for 1-18-08, Ethan Haas, Cloverfield.

Happy huntings!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Morning Bliss

I feel the movement on the pillow as if someone popped their head up, and then a high pitched little voice says, "Daddy! Are you sleeping?"

I reply, "Yes"

The small voice quickly says, "ok"

Then plops her head back down onto the bed and hugs her yellow blankey closer to her and inserts her three fingers into her mouth and begins to softly suck on them. That only lasted for a few seconds because then a much louder and stronger voice came from out yonder, "SHANE, YOU NEED TO GET UP AND START GETTING READY!"

The little head popps back up, "You gna get dressed?"

I reply, "Yes" as I slowly roll myself out of bed and slide on a pair of soft nautica blue jeans, and walk out into the kitchen. Then I hear that small voice still in the bedroom crying out, "Help me, Heeeelp me, Heeeeeeeelp me!"

So I went in and picked her up and carried her through the house as I finished getting my things together....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Smells Fishy

As we both inhaled, the air entered our nostrils and ignited our memory as we walked down an empty isle (empty of people though the shelves were stocked to a comfortable level.) Our thoughts were perfectly in sync though Heather vocalized them first as she turned and said, "Something smells good."

I replied in a mellow tone drowning, and some would even say hiding my excitement,"Yeah smells fishy..."

At the end of the isle was indeed a trusty employee behind a small table which was covered by a simple white tablecloth, but their was nothing fishy about what she was handing out. Our suspicions only grew when we rounded the corner stopping briefly to get a few more items checked off the grocery list (cheese, and hamburger buns.) only to find a similar employee behind an almost exact replica of the previous table only she was more energetic as she invited us to try a thinly sliced sausage at the end of a pretzel stick. Hannah was more excited about the pretzel portion as she stopped momentarily from pretending to drive in our shopping cart/race car. It wasn't until we began our journey towards the fruits and vegetables that the rather appetizing scent of fish became increasingly stronger. We looked forward to see what was causing such an enticing aroma. We approached the small table with the simple yet aesthetically pleasing white tablecloth and grabbed a small white cup with a very small slice of Alaskan Salmon. It was delectable to say the least, the kind lady behind the table politely pointed us to the area behind her where they had this fine specimen of the sea on sale. We then briefly consulted one another and decided on it's cheaper cousin the Atlantic Salmon instead and then quickly came up with a game plan of complimentary foods to accompany our new found dinner. We came to the conclusion that a freshly baked potato garnished with the regular butter, cheddar cheese, and Bacos as well as some canned green beans from that jolly green giant mixed with some diced tomatoes and a few pieces of greasy bacon would do the trick quite nicely. Heather also was feeling a bit salady so she entertained her desires with a few small items to satisfy the apatite.

It was our first time ever cooking fish, and when I say ours I clearly mean Heather's since she did all the cooking. She was a skittish to say the least over what the outcome would be, however when the plate was finally dressed with the baked potato, green beans, and beautifully cooked Atlantic Salmon it was indeed a beautiful treat. Heather did a fabulous job, and it made for a rather sumptuous dinner.

Warning: This could be viewed as an over dramatization of the actual story. Not to mention both a salmon and three potatoes were harmed even killed in the process.

I do however miss Barnacle Bills immensely...