Wednesday, January 30, 2008


"Love is the security for which children weep, the desire of youth, the cement that binds marriage, and the smoothing oil that prevents devastating friction in the home; it is the peace of old age, the sunlight of hope shining through death."
--Gordon B. Hinckley

I'm going to miss his soft shaky yet powerful voice.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Beloved Prophet Passes Away

I had a link about it last night in my side bar in the "Net Worthy" section. But then I thought how many people that come to my blog really ever even look at that area. So I felt that Gordon deserved more respect than a measly little link on my sidebar. So he gets a full fledged entry.

To read full details on the story and his life click on the image above (or the link in the sidebar.)

I was laying down with Hannah trying to get her to fall asleep. I think she was actually REALLY close, because she had remained still for a fair amount of time, she quit hitting my forhead and whispering, "Dad! Dad!" Then asking me to tickle her back, arm, or leg. She also quit kicking me in my back, and she refrained from pushing any buttons on her singing stuffed animals. When Heather threw the door open breaking all of the silence and in a loud voice said, "Shane, my friend jsut told me President Hinckley died."

Hannah and me both popped our head up, and I told Hannah to stay in bed and go to sleep, and that I had to go talk to mom. Well with her door cracked open a bit and us in the next room on the computer and Heather on her phone calling different people (she talks VERY loudly when on the phone.) This of course caused quite a ruckus, so Hannah began playing with toys again, and all of a sudden she yelled for both her mom and dad, she said, "Mom, Dad I pooped!"

Sure neough she did, so she hopped down from bed, and came into the other room and I changed her diaper. Heather carried her back to bed, but she kept getting back down, as far as she was concerned everyone was still awake and having fun, so why not her. Heather tried and tried to go back in the room and tell her she had to go to bed, she kept yelling back, "NO! I don't want to go to bed!"

Finally I returned back to the bed and laid beside her tickling her back, arms and legs. I actually fell asleep when Heather came barging in again and saw Hannah sitting up in bed and told her she needed to go to bed. So I left, and Hannah cried and complained a bit and finally fell asleep around 11:00.

Heather and I went and laid in bed and finally fell asleep around 12:00 -12:30.

Anyways it was very bitter sweet to hear the news, and I had to get some sort of confirmation of it, before I could actually believe it. I'm happy that he has returned home, and returned to be with his wife once again. I'm happy he can finally rest from the struggles that this life brings. I'm sad that I will not hear him speak, and be apart of the great work which he was doing on this earth for humanity as a whole. He was a very humble, smart, spiritual, loving, and humorous man. When he spoke you could feel his sincere heart, and the love he had for ALL people regardless of race, religion, or nationality. He tirelessly trotted across the globe with a tremendous work ethic both for his age, and for any person in general. He was a true leader by example and will be missed by millions.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Nice Shirt

I'm laying down on my side her nose is two inches or so from mine. I can feel the air when she breathes, though she is breathing softly. Her arm is extended and I am tickling it softly as we are laying in bed in the dark. The room is only lit by a small Disney Princess night light. When her little finger extends to touch my shirt and she says, "I like your shirt. Did you where that to work?

So I told her thank you and proceeded to lay with her tickling her arm for a little while before she went to bed. She talked about a few other things as well. I thought that was so funny and random though. Infact a few minutes later she told me she liked my shirt again.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm A Pony! I'm A Pony!

Here's a friendly little photo of me and Hannah playing ride the horsey. this was the game Hannah wanted to play with me on Christmas eve. Somehow Heather managed to grab the camera and sneak in a few photos of us in action. Then proceeded to make fun of me for how "into it" I was. What that means is that if sound could be attached to a photo you would hear my weak attempt at mimicking a horse, while Hannah pulled back on my shirt and likewise made horsey sounds.

Anyways the real reason to show the photo is to let you know that this image and many many many many more have recently been uploaded to my Flickr account, so feel free to see exactly how our Christmas went. (Yeah I know I'm a little late with uploading these photos...)

Click the image above or here to see the rest of the Christmas photos.

Friday, January 11, 2008


I HATE Internet Explorer, and Microsoft which specifically means Bill Gates. Seeing as how Microsoft and Bill Gates are the reason that the majority of people use Internet Explorer, not necessarily as a choice but more out of laziness and convenience. You buy your computer and Internet Explorer is already on the computer with your nifty little buggy Windows operating system. You click on the icon and it opens up and appears to work sufficiently. Mean while the web designers in the world are having to spend too many hours trying to get their websites to behave the way they do in EVERY other browser known to man, but for some retarded reason it won't work in Internet Explorer 5 & 6. I'm not really sure why this should even be a problem since Internet Explorer has already been readily available for free to the world for a couple of years now. Internet Explorer is set to be released sometime this year or in the near future, but for some reason their is a large quantity of people who still use an in adequate browser.

The other question is why every other company that designs browsers has created a browser that reads and interprets code the way the code is written. It is only Internet Explorer that decides to interpret the code differently, and decides to ignore different aspects of code, which forces web designers to come up with all types of tricks and shenanigans to make the browser understand and cooperate.

So this humble message from a young frustrated soul goes out to the vast and infinite abyss of the world wide web, that everyone viewing this post at this time, if you are viewing it with internet explorer please follow this link to enlightenment and together we can eradicate this horrible disease that has been plaguing our computers.


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Massaging My Mind

This past week some smooth melodic tunes from Bishop Allen have been massaging my mind while I slave away at coding valid XHTML & CSS, and busting out funky fresh print worthy designs. As far as I know their is no religious affiliation other then they are feeding your soul with innovative sounds.

Just incase I wasn't clear enough, I think you should stop what you are doing and CLICK HERE. to get take a listen for yourself.

Infact you may have already heard part of one of the songs as it is featured on a new commercial for a digital camera.

chip chop chip (chip chop chip?)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Movies Over Christmas

I was able to watch a few movies while on my Christmas vacation.

Bourne Ultimatum: I really enjoyed this installment of the trilogy. I've enjoyed all of the Bourne movies, and this one was exactly what I was expecting and more.

The Simpsons: It was pretty much a longer episode, and since I love the normal episodes I loved the movie. (good thing we bought it.)

Harry Potter: And the Order of the Phoenix: I hated teh first Harry Potter, I've tried watching it three times and have never been able to make it all the way through. I've NEVER read any of the books, mainly because I'm not a big reader, for some reason, probably because of all the hype surrounding both the books and the movie every time one is newly released I always have an interest in watching the movies. Each and every movie becomes better and better to me. So I've been waiting to se this one, and I really enjoyed it. The actors are all developing, and improving, and so are the directors. also the graphics seem to keep getting better and better.

Helvetica: This was a documentary about Helvetica, which is a font. The interesting thing about Helvetica is that it is heavily used all over the world since it was designed in the 1950's by a Swiss type designer. The documentary was well filmed, and edited. They interviewed some GREAT designers, and type designers. It is also accompanied by some really great modern music. I am a weird guy, I get excited over fonts, I collect them, I'm able to name them as I see them on bill boards, commercials, and signs, and in movies. What I'm really trying to say is that I LOVED this film. I have been following this film ever since they first announced they were making it. So I have been VERY anxious for it to be released on DVD. Blockbuster online wasn't carrying it, but Netflix was, so I joined Netflix JUST so I could rent this movie.

Bratz: Terrible, terrible, terrible. This movie shouldn't even of been in theaters. It should of been a made for the Disney Chanel movie. It's about as good as Cheeta Girls. I didn't even finish watching it. I'm sure most of you reading are probably thinking, "What did you expect?" Well I didn't expect much, however I have always been a fan for cheesy highschool movies. some of my favorites are, 10 Things I Hate About You, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, Highschool Musical, A Cinderella Story, What A Girl Wants, She's The Man, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (that is good enough.) Anyways BRATZ was TERRIBLE!

Hot Rod: Yes, I watched it again. It was just as funny!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's 2008 (finally)

I'm still wondering where my flying car is, and my hover board that "Back to the future 2" teased me with. Not to mention my self sizing jacket with an air conditioner and heater inside. Maybe next year though...

At least we have the iphone though right?

Anyways my life has gone a little something like this:
We woke up at 7:20 am Christmas morning and let Hannah open her presents from "Santa" She only was REALLY thrilled about two, so we had to open those right away. Then we packed up our car and with those two special presents and headed over a couple rivers and through some woods, and then kept going, and going, and going, then over some more rivers to the point where you think you can not go any further without seeing some sort of human existence to grandmothers house. All joking aside Buna isn't THAT bad, of course I could NEVER live there, small towns just aren't for me, but I NEVER mind visiting.

Christmas night Hannah ran a fever and woke up in the middle of the night to throw up. The next day we got her into a local nurse practitioner, who diagnosed her with a sinus infections and prescribed some medicine. The rest of that day she was her normal self, and didn't run fever at all. Until 2:00 am she had a slight fever and we gave her some motrin and it went away until 8:00 am when she woke up to throw up again, and had a fever and we gave her motrin but it did nothing, and her fever kept slowly climbing. We finally got her into the doctor again, and she had a 104.7 fever. The took her clothes off had her eat a popsicle and gave her some motrin and Tylenol, and slowly the fever came down and they gave her a chest x-ray and took some blood, then found out she had pneumonia, and gave her a painful shot in her butt, to where she said, "They hurt the butt."

She hasn't had a fever over 101 since. We left Sunday morning and Saturday night I started to get congested, and through out the night my throat began to hurt, and i woke up with my body hurting and my head feeling ready and willing to explode. So the ride home was decent, Hannah did good both ways in the car. We got home and I unpacked the car and by that time a my body was still in pain and it just got worse and worse. I tried taking some Dayquill, which did NOTHING, then at night I tried Nightquill which again did nothing but at least it made me drowsy. I woke up the next day and went to work after taking Hannah to the doctor for another check up. Anyways the pain continued through work and the fever as well. Last night I took some Motrin myself and that seemed to get rid of the fever and some of the aches and pains. Most of the day today was spent fairly fever free without medicine and I thought Iw as doing better until 5:00 pm hit and I started to slowly feel like CRAP again.

It seems every year around this time i always get sick with something...

Happy New Year to everyone!