Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hannah & Pongo

Once upon a time I went outside with Pongo and he got out, and I said, "OH NO! Pongo got out!"

So I went after him.

Pongo went to a "spooky forest," so I went there too.

He went to a "volcano," so I went too.

He went to a "chair forest," so I went too.

Then it was "really windy" so we went back home.

The End.

This was a story that Hannah told me the other day. So I quickly wrote it down and thought it would make a GREAT children's book. Hannah is ALWAYS drawing, so now I am trying to save as many of her drawings as I think could be applied to her story. I was thinking I could make it into an actual book written & illustrated by Hannah.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Good News for People Who Love Bad News

(Click on the image above to go directly to the music)

A mix tape for those bad days or moments in life that we all have. This mix of eleven tracks including music by Ben Folds, Bishop Allen, Pinback, Death Cab for Cutie, Noah & the Whale, Modest Mouse, Mirah, Straylight Run and Brand New should give you something not only to relate to, but it just might help you see the sun behind the clouds.


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Monday, February 01, 2010

The Jumper

Recently Connor is obsessed with jumping! So we hung up our little jumper that Hannah used to love, and it turns out he will stay in it for very long periods of time perfectly happy and content. The boy LOVES to jump!

Even when you hold him in your lap, he still just wants to jump.


I know I haven't been updating this blog "per say" as regularly as I should. I am a very active tweeter. In fact my tweets stream directly to the sidebar. I also am continually adding to my "Networthy" section in the sidebar. I will try to be a better blogger though.


I somehow managed to convince my wonderful boss Brian Liddiard to send me to SXSW Interactive for the second year in a row. SXSW starts up in March 2010 & I am SUPER excited about that.

I also recently launched an awesome website for a Salt Lake City Dentist, showcasing my growing knowledge of CSS to the community of Salt Lake City (at least those looking for a dentist), and the infinite abyss I call the interweb. The site will look best for those using a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari), but will still function well in any other browser that is NOT Internet Explorer 6.


Other than that, we are doing well and thinking of different ways to improve our house. Connor is growing up too fast, and is already 6 months old. Hannah is growing like a weed and regrettably starts school next year, and seems to be very anxious to do so. She has also recently been more than willing to scamper off to primary with a smile on her face instead of the usual kicking and screaming that I would usually have to endure as I passed her off to her teacher every Sunday at church.

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