Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You Live To Fight Another Day

The brown liquid quickly filled the plastic blue cup, and as it entered the gas created the fizz that nearly poured over the top of the cup. As I let the fizz come to a rest, and only the ice cold Vanilla Coke was left, I prepared a plate full of Potato skins, bagel pizzas, Buffalo wings, and some mozzarella sticks, I walked out into the front room and sat down on the floor in front of the red leather couch. You would think that this was the beginning of a story of the perfect night.I stared into the television which was showing the cheesy pre-game show. The game was a good, and very enjoyable to watch. However the night ended with the Spurs putting up a decent fight, but not sufficient enough to clinch a title. So now we will have to wait til tursday to find out who the Champ will be. Now don't get me wrong by the post, I am not a Spurs fan, nor a Detroit fan. I am an avid Basketball fan, to the point of perhaps being called a fanatic. I would like to see both Ginobili, and Tim Duncan with another championship under their belt.

After the game Heather gave Hannah a bath, and then she was a little squirmish until she finally came to a nice deep sleep around 12:00am, maybe earlier, I can’t really remember.

Yesterday came and went as though it never even took place; I can’t really even recall any of the daily activities.

Work has still been quite slow, but in the upcoming weeks it should be picking up. They are beginning to work with a new client, so that should prove to keep us all very busy. I still have yet to receive a solid response on what will happen after the internship, there was a brief conversation that was started this morning. It almost frustrated me though as aposed to making me feel more confident. Jane told me that they really want me to stay, but they aren't sure wheather I can work full time. So for one that scares me because what if they are thinking they are going to be able to continue paying me $7.00 an hour. When in reallity I am only putting up with the low pay for the mere fact that I am an intern, and by being an intern the fact that I am even getting paid is a stretch, but the amount of money they are saving by paying me the seven dollars an hour, compared to what they would have to pay a freelancer to do it is a large amount. I have added up some days that I have worked and the amount of money I would make if I got paid for the work I did, and in one two day period the pack of work I completed would of made me $600.00, and thats in two days. Even today I only completed one piece of art, and it would of made me over $150.00. This is in only 2 and a half hours of working. Imagine how much I would be able to accomplish working forty hours a week. Add that up and that is 38-40 thousand a year. So at $7.00 and hour for 20 hours a week, they are getting rich off of me. So if they think that madness will continue when I complete the amount of hours required for my intern, they are ludacris.I am enjoying working there, I just wish they would be upfront with me, and not leave me guessing, and wondering what is gonna happen.

We just got done watching Coach Carter, and it was a pretty decent movie, it being the B.J Pratt debut and all.

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