Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UpDate Central

I am doing absolutly nothing, just hanging out at home, watching TV, making several pointless trips to Target and Wal*Mart, we finally got ahold of some boxes to start packing, but then it's like what do you pack, and what do you wait to pack, cause we still ahve to live, and use things, and wear clothes and somehow function. I wish I had enough money to pay some people to just come in and pack everything up for me into a truck drive it to Austin, and unload it all. That would be awesome!

Moving sucks, and also we havent officially heard wheather or not we have even gotten the apartment...

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  1. olá shane, eu entendi direito?! ta de trabalho novo? se sim, parabens pela nova conquista! espero que voce e sua familia estejam todos bem e felizes, um abraço, monique


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