Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Desktop Love

Currently at work I have decorated my desktop with the latest in Christmas attire. At the same time allowing me to be educated on the different variations of Santa Clause's in different parts of the world. So I think you should to. Click on the picture above to read some behind the scenes information about the making of the illustrations, and how to grab yourself one.

If nothing else click on the post and allow yourself to be entertained for a brief while on this Monday morning.


  1. That is really cool- I love hearing the traditions around the world. What was it like in Brazil? In Colombia the baby jesus brought the gifts. Do they do the three kings there? I heard it is big in europe

  2. No real differences in brazil he is called Papa Noel, but he looks exactly the same. It's funny because Christmas is not that huge their, as in you don't see people decorating their houses, putting lights up, and putting up trees. People may put up a small fake tree and they will give presents, nothing major, no big parties or anything.

    New Years is a much bigger celebration their.


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