Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go Away

So they finally are allowing you to upload videos on Flickr, actually they've been doing it for a month now. I finally got around to uploading some yesterday. Here is one of my favorites that we took this past week. This video will allow you to see a different side of Hannah. Visit my Flickr account to view other great videos and be on the lookout for MANY more to follow!

Happy Mom's Day to all of you lucky women out there that have had the privilege of enduring through 2 minutes of bliss (if you're lucky), 9 months of losing your body and emotions, and another couple hours of pain and anguish.


  1. hillarious

  2. What a cute video- I love watching videos. I can't believe that I rated Lars lower than 27 dresses?? Really??? I can't remember. I should keep an archive of my movie reviews. You guys should check out Bella if you haven't already.

  3. OMG did you really just say that! LOL


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