Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm so glad the Celtics didn't only beat the Lakers tonight but they just humiliated them the entire game. It was so nice to finally see Kevin Garnett win a championship.
Although my boy Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen got robbed for the Finals MVP, I was still satisfied to finally see Paul Pierce also get some much deserved love. Paul Pierce definitely played well not only in the Finals, but the entire season and especially in the play-offs. But my man Ray Allen was just superb against the Lake show. I mean he had his fair share of Kobe duty that he did a dang fine job with, not only that but he also had to go right back at Kobe on the other end of the floor and still managed to average 20 points a game. Tonight he hit 7 3's with that silky smooth jumper of his. I mean watching Ray Allen shoot is almost a work of art in and of itself, hearing the wet sound the the ball makes as it is swishing through the bucket is just indescribable! He totally deserved to be holding up that smaller but still shiny trophy at the end of the game.

It's good to see the Celtics back at the top!


  1. Yeah that was a cool game. It would have been fun to see them win in LA, but I'm glad they got to win at home and by a landslide!! Brandon likes to remind me that they almost beat the record for any playoff game- but that is held by the Bulls who beat the Jazz and it was in Utah. He HATES the Jazz and likes to rub it in.

  2. We need more Hannah episodes. :)



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