Friday, September 05, 2008


Google announced they are launching their FRESH take on the browser that they are calling Chrome. To introduce this browser they released this handy little comic book (which I read). I'm a little late on this... well not really, I've known about it for a few days now, I was holding off though until I actually was able to use it for myself. Only problem now is, the fact that they haven't released it for MAC or Linux yet, only for PC.

Pretty lame if you ask me. The only positive I can see from this is that maybe this will bring us that much closer to the end of IE6 (Internet Explorer 6).

So anyways PC people in the world go download Google Chrome and take it for a spin, it may just be your new favorite browser of choice!



  1. Yikes Google chrome?? I'm completely content with the regular google- maybe some day. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. hahaha, it's not a new google (as in the search engine) It's a Browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  3. its not that great...its kind of glitchy still... i'll let them fix it some more


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