Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The NBA kicked off the season last night with a double header on TNT. I was out in the second quarter of the second game. Which meant I was asleep before 10:00. I was quite upset, becasue the second game was REALLY the game I wanted to watch. OH well there are plenty of games left including another double header tonight on ESPN.

Tonights Match-ups:
Phoenix at San Antonio 7:00pm (CT)
Lakers at Clippers 9:30pm (CT)

I LOVE basketball season! (Heather... not so much)


  1. I wanted to fall asleep after the first quarter, but I watched the full painful 48 minutes... I really hate the L*kers.

  2. hahahaha!

    Me too (hate the Lakers), but I enjoy watching Kobe play, only because he is so impressive. Plus I was wanting to see Greg Oden's debut.

  3. Now now...I like basketball season but there is a time and place for it in my mind and sometimes I am just not in the mood to watch double headers every single night of the week. I love you though so I put up with it...because I am awesome.

  4. You are awesome, and you do put up with it, and have been for the past (almost) six years.

    Thanks honey!


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