Friday, July 15, 2005

Fast Food

I glanced over at the clock as we were having a short conversation regarding what we were doing for dinner. We decided on chicken, and churches chicken to be specific, seeing how I remember it closing at 9:00pm and the clock read 8:48 I didn’t have much time to conversate. So I grabbed my keys and said I love you and walked out to my car. My hand ruffled through some papers finding its way to some newly burnt CD’s, and grabbed one and glanced to see what was written in the permanent black marker. I turned up the volume to the point that the car was consumed with the vibrations of The Roots which began to flow through the speakers and into my ears, quickly my mind was and thoughts fallowed suit, and vibed along with the melody. I waited patiently as The Roots spoke to me in the drive thru. I recited my order to the speaker in front of the menu outside. He then repeated back to me, I wasn’t paying to much attention to what he was saying when I subconsciously just stated Ok as I rolled up the window and turned the stereo back up. Slowly I approached the window and reached for my wallet. Slowly the realization that I had forgotten my wallet slipped through the breaks in the beat and worked its way through my mind until the “dawning” sensation overwhelmed me with stupidity. I came to the window and as the young man leaned outside awaiting a payment method, I told him I would be back, and that I forgot my credit card. So I drove off back towards my apartment with The Roots at maximum volume hoping to drown out the embarrassment, I was hoping to get to the apartment and back to the restaurant before my cell phone began to vibrate with a call from Heather wondering where her chicken was. My first arrival at the drive thru speaker box was 8:58pm, but I saw that they didn’t actually close until 10:00pm. So I still had plenty of time. I arrived at the restaurant a little past 9:00 and waited inside as the prepared my order. My mind full of embarrassment, or rather the mere shock of forgetting my wallet, I mean I have never been known to do such a thing. So I was anxious to grab my food and be back on the road to Heather who called as I was pulling out of the apartment, I used my Mark Guymon tactics and told her a short end version of the story and that I was waiting for the food, and then I would be on my way home. So I was really ready to get back ASAP now. So I was back on the road around 9:25pm and the smell of hot chicken began to fill my Honda Accord. I was contemplating my day, and the occurrences that had happened up to that point. So I paid no attention to the food, or the music coming through the speakers. I arrived at the apartment and entered the door to a crying baby, and my wife leaning over her in the bed trying to comfort her, and get her to sleep. As I began to dip my chicken tender into the creamy mash potatoes Heather took her seat and realized not only did they falsify our order with a roll, and not a honey biscuit, but they also didn’t give us any drinks. So I was quickly back in the car and back on the road to Churches for the third time, and now it was 9:35pm. And I was running out of time. I arrived to a locked door and a line in the drive thru at Churches so I chose the line as opposed to the locked door. The line moved very slow, as I skipped past the speaker in font of the menu process, and headed straight for the window when my path was impeded by the slow moving line of two cars in front of me. So as I approached the window my clock read 9:58pm. I had my window rolled down, and quietly informed him that I they forgot my drinks, so he graciously gave me a larger set of drinks, and sent me on my way. I arrived home at around 10:08pm, and Heather still hadn’t eaten. So I sat down next to her on the red leather couch, after I put “October Sky in the DVD player, and pressed play, I began to continue dipping my chicken tenders into the now colder creamy mash potatoes. I took a sip of my larger Coke, and glanced over at my wonderful wife, the baby was asleep in the room, and I just though about how thankful I am for FAST FOOD!!!

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