Monday, October 09, 2006


I stare aimlessly watching a ceiling fan spin round and round, I roll over to the side kicking my feet off the bed as I turn my body smoothly into a sitting position with my feet softly touching the carpet. My eyes quickly scan the dark room to gather my surroundings, and soon I gather myself together enough to lift myself completely from the bed, and somehow I still feel weightless as I make my way into the closet and grab some socks and shoes along with a cool shirt to wear. I sit myself back down onto the bed slowly and slide my socks and shoes onto my feet, and tie my shoes up tightly. I get into my car and take turn on the radio, the length of the drive seems shorter than usual as I reach my destination and as soon as I open my car door I can immediately hear the sound of squeaking shoes, and a bouncing ball. As I enter the gym it seems as though everyone knows my name, and they all speak highly of my abilities to play the game. Suddenly the feelings of having to live up to their remarks enter my mind and sinks deep into my chest. I step out onto the floor and each step I take is as though I am walking on the moon. So as I start to dribble and make a move it is slow, and hard, and I become lifted up into the air slowly rising and floating. Everyone else seems to be able to move about as a normal person would. I grow frustrated with this, as I am unable to get to the basket. I begin to shoot the ball, only every shot ends up being short no matter how much effort I put into heaving the ball towards the basket. Each step I take leaves me floating into the air and I try and try to force myself to stay on the ground. Soon the air is filled with counter arguments refuting all the positive remarks referring to me. Then the excuses begin raining down drenching everyone on the floor, until I my frustrations grow.

I stare aimlessly watching a ceiling fan spin round and round, mundanely spinning in circles in a dark room. Throwing shadows on the wall that grow in huge proportions as they stretch forth across the four walls. Soon I began to feel the weight of my body and the softness of the sheets against me, and the sound of my cell phone beeping beside me slowly forces its way through my ears into my brain.

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