Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hannah Originally uploaded by shaneguymon.
Here are some new photos of Hannah from this weekend which also happened to be my birthday. So Happy birthday to me, I am now the ripe ol' age of 26 which brings me on a down hill slope towards 30. I can already feel it in my back. Although in my mind, and my heart I still think I'm 18, and some people would say my face would give a good arguement, especially since most people I run into think I'm either in High school or just graduated. Anyways I hope you enjoy the photos, if you click on the one to the side, it should take you to a set of pictures. I'll be adding more in the near future, because I really need to get my flickr account back up, I've been neglecting it, and it is really awesome when you get into it and really see how it works, and all that you can do with it.

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  1. olá Shane, parabens pelo seu aniversario atrasado! ta ficando velho hein, 26 anos, mais eu sou um pouco mais velha que voce, entao não posso falar nada ne! eu fiz 26 em julho. um abraço! ass: Monique


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