Monday, March 03, 2008


My top five players in the NBA so far this season, in no paticular order, are:

Kobe Bryant
Steve Nash
Tim Duncan
Kevin Garnett
Dirk Nowitzki

One of those five deserve the MVP, but if I was to cast my vote right now it would be Kobe Bryant (even though I hate the Lakers)


  1. Here me now and think about it later but Kwame Brown of Memphis should be on your list...

    He is the BEST


  2. Kwame Brown doesn't even deserve to be in the NBA.

  3. All I know is he hasnt had the opportunities that Kevin Federline has had and thats pretty sad and he gets stuck on a NBA team that always gets overlooked by the man...

  4. I am so lost...who the heck is Betty?

  5. Betty is your friend..Who's your friend when things get rough?Betty is, cause you
    can't do a little cause she can't do enough.

    Betty makes a rhyme like Kevin Federline! : )

    - word,.... thats what she said!

    Betty works with Shane and has a dog named squeegee


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