Saturday, July 19, 2008

Save Benjis

I don't own an iphone, and I probably NEVER will. That doesn't mean I don't get excited about the product and what it is doing as far as the advancements it's making in both mobil devices and how we interact in general. So if you haven't already heard all the buzz with the release of the iphone 3G and the opening of the App Store. There have been quite a few websites already giving their top 20 or top 50 apps that they've found thus far.

I met up with some friends on Friday night for a "Guys Night Out" type thing at Rudy's Bar-B-Que. A couple of the guys who had an iphone had them out showing off their recently downloaded apps, and one of my friends in particular sparked up some discussions about the iphone apps since he himself made a pretty darn good one that isn't being talked about enough. So after taking his app for a test drive after dinner I was able to see the potential this app could have in changing the way a person or family would shop. His app is called Save Benjis It's a cleverly simple application (You can watch a demo video on his website and get more info their as well on how it works and all the benefits it delivers), but basically, "Save Benjis, is a free application for the iPhone™ (and iPod Touch™), that provides you with the best internet prices while you shop in the real world. Compare prices and read reviews on your iPhone for over 15 million different products from over one thousand stores. When you find a better price using Save Benjis you can purchase the item using your iPhone with as little as one touch." So to put it in even simpler terms this application will 1.) Save you money and 2.) Find the best deal either online or at another store nearby.

So if you have an iPhone or even an iPod Touch click your way over to the Save Benjis website or just search for it in the iPhone applications in the iTunes store and download it. The BEST part about this iPhone app, is it's FREE! Let's also not forget that it will help you Save Benjis!


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P.S: The food at Rudy's was GREAT as well.


  1. Marc has an older I-phone. Will this Save Benji's ap work on it? It sounds pretty nifty.

  2. yes any iPhone or iPhone Touch.


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