Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Portrait 2008

Saturday we took our family portrait for the year. We are trying to make this a tradition in the Guymon household. Portrait Innovation has a good package for $9.99. We always end up spending more cause they take such good pictures it's hard to chose only one pose. So anyways here's the picture we chose for the 9.99 package. Although Hannah looks happy in the photo, it was not so much the case, she was not too into taking photos, well really she was all the way up until the point that they actually called our name and pulled out the camera. Some how we still managed to get several good pictures to chose from. The best part is you leave with your pictures. They print them off right after you pay.

We walked out of Picture Innovations at 11:00, and Spicy Pickle was calling out names, it's hard to say no to Mesquite Turkey on Ciabatta bread with tomatoes, lettuce, avocados, and swiss cheese. So being that it is right next door, we walked right in the door and partook in the goodness. However we got home and the bread that was holding together the sweet goodness was not ciabatta, and it kind of ruined the experience, and didn't kill the craving...

After the not so fulfilling sandwich Heather was dividing up the pictures and gathered the pictures going to my mom, and my family, and she came into the bedroom and said, "Why don't we go see your mom today."

Of course I was down, so we asked Hannah, and she was excited about the idea, so we threw a few things together jumped in our Kia Sedona, and made the 1.5 hour venture down to good ol' San Antone to sneak attack my mom (I never told her we were coming).


  1. Nice picture man...I'm sorry to hear about your bread...I understand...

  2. Great pic. Do you like focaccia? I made some lat night that is to die for and really easy to make. :) BTW It should say "threw". I have a hard time keeping them straight too. I also have a hard time with "there, their and they're" :)

  3. Thanks Matt!

    Also Shauna thanks for the typo, I fixed it. If in fact the bread we did eat was focaccia, then it was decent, but not as good as ciabatta. However I'm not exactly sure what focaccia is...

  4. The easiest way is to show you. :) It is wonderful dipped in a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic and italian spices.


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