Sunday, March 08, 2009

Comcast Goes Juno

Comcast went all Juno on us in their newest advertsing campaign, by singing parodies of a quirky little song by Kimya Dawson called "Loose Lips" (I was going to post the song here, but the last verse isn't very family friendly. They edited the song in the movie, and I really wish I could find THAT version somewhere, but click on the link and it will send you to the song if you want to hear it.) from the movie Juno and I like it. Not like it matters since we live in Time Warner land and don't have the option of having Comcast, I do enjoy watching their commercials, BUT I sure do miss The Slowskys.


  1. Interesting thing is folks all over the net are saying this is a ripoff and Kimya Dawson didn't produce it and didn't like it. But Kimya Dawson wrote the lyrics and got paid by Comcast and Comcast is proud of it. Something hilarious and incredibly ironic in it all; welcome to the real world.

  2. I never said it was a rip off, infact I called it a parody, and I also said, "I like it." So I don't really care if she wrote the song or not.


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