Monday, March 02, 2009

Sincere Sounds for the Soul

Lately I've been tickling my eardrums with the sincere sounds of Jason Mraz. One of my favorite songs of the album is "I'm Yours" take it for a spin with the music player below. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


  1. How can anyone not like that song?

  2. He's really good! Thanks for introducing me to some more great music. BTW You are so darned talented!!

  3. @Adam - I don't know, cause the song and that album is AWESOME!

    @Shauna - Thanks & you're welcome!

  4. I like it!
    I always love how your blog looks.
    Back to the mission letter writing, I always loves that you signed your letters "Money" and no worries- I knew you were going home and things get busy. I survived :)

  5. Ahhhhh!
    So sorry- my brain sometimes. So you know I didn't get you mixed up with Matt. I know where you served, but I totally messed up what you signed. Of course it was Skillz. I knew it was something awesome. I meant to say too that I was the one who was going home and busy. Oops again!
    We've got to make it to Texas someday and see "ya'll" again.

  6. I love that song! He really is a great artist.


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