Saturday, March 17, 2007

Net Worthy

You may of noticed a few subtle changes to my blog (all two of you who look at it.) On the side bar with my advancements in html, and CSS knowledge in the past few days I have learned how to make a few customizations. I've always wanted to have this feature on my blog, but never knew how to do it. Now I know, the main addition is a section labeled "Net Worthy" which are basicly all the things I find on the web that some would call "Note Worthy" since we are on the "Net" I am labeling it "Net Worthy." I am going to try and do the best I can at keeping that updated every time I find something worthy of sharing. Should be fun!

**UPDATE** (1-18-08)
I recently added a flickr badge to my sidebar which shows the 3 most recent photos I uploaded to my flickr account also providing a link to view all of my recently uploaded photos.


  1. CSS? You're getting nerdier by the day. I'm impressed though and am considering ripping off your idea for my blog. The 3 people that read it would surely be impressed.

    I'm calling soon to catch up and talk brackets with you... my cell phone's been freaking out so I am only getting voicemail- no calls.

  2. I'll be looking forword to that, I called you like on Wed. and left you a message.

  3. olá Shane, passei por aqui , pois faz tempo que não escrevo para você, espero que esteja tudo bem, com você e sua familia , Hannah, deve esta grande!estive me mudando, estou gostando muito da minha nova casa , mas sinto falta de minha familia, mais tudo bem por aqui, um abraço, Monique

  4. Shane, me passa um email, onde posso responder pra voce, ate mais , Monique


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