Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hannah & Pongo

Once upon a time I went outside with Pongo and he got out, and I said, "OH NO! Pongo got out!"

So I went after him.

Pongo went to a "spooky forest," so I went there too.

He went to a "volcano," so I went too.

He went to a "chair forest," so I went too.

Then it was "really windy" so we went back home.

The End.

This was a story that Hannah told me the other day. So I quickly wrote it down and thought it would make a GREAT children's book. Hannah is ALWAYS drawing, so now I am trying to save as many of her drawings as I think could be applied to her story. I was thinking I could make it into an actual book written & illustrated by Hannah.


  1. Shane,
    This is Hannah's Nana....you are a great dad. I love the fact you can write stuff down that she does. She will be so grateful when she is grown and sees this. I wish technology had been this far advanced when Heather was Hannah's age. I was so bad about writing stuff down.....but on the other hand, this is your God given talent and your daughter (and son) are the sunshine in my life right now.

  2. this is really sweet and would really be cute to compiled in a book!


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