Friday, March 05, 2010

Moving On

I've known about Tumblr for quite a number of years now. Actually I'm not really sure when I first heard about them, but recently I heard people talking about it more and more so just as I did with Twitter I decided to look into it a bit more. Then after reading through their website I took the next step and decided I'd test out the waters.

The sign-up experience was a breeze, and so super simple, it had a lot of nice features and aspects. In the last year or so the way I use the internet has evolved. I am uploading videos to Vimeo, I am uploading pictures to Flickr, I am bookmarking websites on Delicious, and I am tweeting it up on Twitter. Occasionally I was also still finding things to actually write a blog about as well. So a lot of people started complaining to me that I wasn't "blogging" anymore. So I would inform them of just how very active I was online & that I am just using various outlets. Well Tumblr allows me to utilize all of these different outlets but bring them to just one place. It's great!

So I am inviting you all to come and join me over at Tumblr. To the two people that have subscribed to my RSS feed, feel free to now follow my Tumblr RSS feed instead. You will notice that I have successfully moved ALL of my old blog posts over to the Tumblr archive as well. I've already updated all of the links on my personal website to be directed to the new blog location.



  1. In the words of Hannah, "Booooorrrrring!"

    Just kidding...I love you AND your boring blogs.

  2. In the words of Matt, "HEATHER'S DUMB!!"

    Not boring, you got me. I'm playing around with it now as we speak! I like it way better than Wordpress. Much easier to use.

  3. Hey Shane I was just stopping by to say come back and leave two more comments for the giveaway ( one freebie and one extra for the tweet. I draw by the comment number. IF you have time, no pressure!


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