Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well lately I have just been in this bubble of going to work, going home, watching TV, and going to bed to just to repeat everything again the next morning. Work is going fabulouse, I am learning alot, and enjoying the process. I really need to start blogging for a purpose, other then to give random updates of my life. Like I need real topics to talk about.

So I am going to make a goal to start blogging for a purpose...

Anyways this past weekend we made a trip to Buna to see Matt (brother in-law) get home from his two year mission for our church (LDS) in Ogden Utah. I was afraid he was going to be a bit weird when he got home, but other than losing weight, and dressing differently, and talking a bit weird, he seemed to be just fine. Not to say he ahsn't changed, which in most cases scares people, but I think change is good, depending on the change. So I see alot of good changes that have happened to Matt, you can tell he has grown up and he has found himself, and confidence in WHO he is. He's established a strong foundation in his beliefs, as well as recognized what his own personal standards are.

I'm excited to have him back, and I'm excited to see the new things he is able to accomplish in life. Becasue now is the time where you find out how much the two years really impacted your life. They say the only way to judge is the missionary service was a success is seeing where the person is at 10 years down the road.

Welcome home Matt...

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