Monday, February 26, 2007

You Be Ill'n

We left for San Antonio for a fun and exciting weekend around 5:00pm on Friday, we stopped at Freddies for some steak burgers and hotdogs and everything was going great, we took a back way to San Antonio because we caught wind of some bad traffic on 35. We got to the house around 7:50 I believe (we were house sitting for some friends, because they ahve a puppy.) So around 9:00pm we decided to put Hannah down to sleep, and then I came down stairs to watch some basketball, and after the games I went to bed with Hannah. Around 3:30 I woke up to hearing her choking, and then vomiting a little on the bed. So we got her up and changed her and gave her a bath, went down stairs and gave her something to drink, and I think some ceraly to munch on until about 4:30 when she threw up again while trying to climb down some stairs. We gave her another bath and then took her to bed where she never really fell asleep, and Heather and I slept off and on, untl Hannah began climbing on my stomache just to jump up off me onto the bed. So I was thinking everything was fine and dandny with her, however I was not feeling too hot myself, so I decided well she is up anyways so I will get up and let Heather sleep, so we went down stairs and I gave Hannah some juice and turned on the TV and we were just hanigng out when she threw up again, so I woke Heather up so she could come help me clean everything up. Then we get her undressed again and calmed her down and had her laying on the couch with me, when she threw up again. Now we really started to worry, and so finally after that we took her outside to play a little bit, and she did fairly well outside, but still wasn't feeling too hot, because periodically she would stop and grab her tummy and say, "ow, ow, ow" which proved to be the saddest thing I have ever witnessed in my life.

I called my mom and brought her up to date, and told her we were coming over, so we spent the rest of the day trying to keep something in Hannah's system but we would give her Pedialite to drink and then 30-45 minutes later she would walk through the house grabbing her tumy and saying, "Oh no, Oh no" and "ow, ow, ow" and then she would throw up. Eventually she found a spot firt on Ethan’s bedroom floor and laid down for a nap, but like I said every 30-45 minutes she would wake up and throw up. Then she moved herself onto the couch where we turned on some cartoons and she would take small naps her and there. Finally we were on the verge of taking her to the emergency room, when we called a guy from our church who is a pediatrician who counseled us to wait an hour after she throws up to give her pedialite, and only give her half an ounce every fifteen minutes. So she threw up at 3:15, so we waited until 4:15 to give her a half an ounce of pedialite, and then waited 15 minutes and we kept that up for two hours, and she held it all down. Then she took a few bites of a cracker, and she seemed to be doing great, so we were relieved and happy. I went the entire day without food or water.

We all headed back to the house we were house sitting and me and Hannah went to sleep around 10:00pm and slept through the night. She woke up with a smile at 6:something, and so we went down stairs and turned on the TV and I laid down on the couch, and Hannah danced around a bit and then found her way over to the couch with me and we both took about an hour long nap right on me, and it was so nice. She was really happy, and eating crackers drinking pedialite and having a good time all Sunday morning. She curled up beside me again to take a short nap around 11:00 or so, and then we left for my mom’s house again at 1:00pm. She spent the rest of the afternoon relatively happy, and eating some cheese, bread, and some other things, and drinking good. She did still have diaria throughout the day, and also a terrible case of a diaper rash (her booty was bleeding) So anytime we went near her diaper she would start saying "ow." It was awfully sad, but we were happy to have the vomiting behind us.

Around 5:00pm we decided we needed to go ahead and start making the trip back home, and Hannah was pretty good the entire ride there, and once we got right outside of Austin Heather decided to stop at Sonic for a drink, and right as she pulled into the drive in station Hannah Threw up again, so Heather jumped out and took off her clothes and cleaned her up with wipes as good as she could, and we jsut decided to hurry up and get home. So we got home and gave her a bath and let her run around with nothing but a shirt on for awhile, even though all she wanted to do was lay on Heather or I on the couch. So when the academy awards came on we decided to just take her to our room and let her sleep there while we watched TV. So sure enough around 8:30 she was out, but Heather decided to try letting her sleep in her bed. Then around 3:30 woke up crying we think from her diaper rash, because she had peed. So we changed her diaper and then she took off to the kitchen saying, "juice" so we gave her some pedialite and not a minute later she threw it all back up in our bed, luckily it only got on her and the pillow she was wearing so we took off her shirt, and I gave her one of my pillows, and we put a towl down underneath her and she fell back asleep until 6:00 when she woke up wanting some more "juice." So even though we feared the worse we gave her some juice, and she got into Heathers lap and laid her head down on her shoulder with her blankey at her head sucking her fingers. She held the juice down up until I left for work at 8:00am.

Heather got her an appointment to a doctor at 11:15 so I will be leaving around 10:45 to go and pick them up. Keep Hannah and the family in your prayers, because I still don't feel too good myself...

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