Monday, April 30, 2007

The Baron

How sweet is it to watch what Golden State is doing to Dallas. I am loving it, and was quite peturbed to find when I woke up at 6:30 this morning that I had fallen asleep and missed the end of the forth quarter, it definetly wasn't out of lack of entertainment, but pure exhaustion. Luckily for me there is and Sports Center to give me the details of what I missed.

On Saturday I heard my phone "buzz" telling me I was recieving a text message as I was watching Houston and McGrady get molly whopped by Utah in game four. Game three wasn't televised, thank goodness, because it was bad enough having to watch game four. The text message from Mark read, "My Spurs will walk into the finals... TMac stuck in 1st round hell forever." So I replied, "I hate you." I'm really hoping that McGrady can get motivated to take over back in Houston for game 5, because come crunch time McGrady wasn't showing up in game 4 and it was quite frustrating to watch.

Other than that, Heather has been sick the past couple days. We had an ice cream social that we helped organize this Saturday that had a fairly good turn out, and Hannah had a whole lot of fun eating ice cream and running around a huge field trying to keep up with all the other kids. I suppose she is starting to make some friends, because when I went to drop her off in nursery on Sunday a little girl saw her and said, "HANNAH!" and got out of her chair and ran over and held her hand and they ran off together and I broke out and went to class. there's no other big updates, as you can see my life is mostly consumed with the play-offs, and I spend most fo my free time in front of the television trying to enjoy all the games before I get sent into Sports Center remission as it turns into 24/7 highlights of fast balls, and double plays, which my by me saying I could care less about would be an understatement. Baseball may or may not be a fun sport to play as that is still up for debate, and watching it live may or may not be America's past time, but you can't get much worse than watching it on TV, and then to have it totally consume entire segments of highlights on Sports Center, well quite frankly thats a travesty, so it's a good thing their is such thing as the blockbuster pass because that my friends is when I go into a Sports Center hibernation and just about every night becomes a Blockbuster night....


  1. So wait, did Golden State beat down Dallas? My only problem with that is this...California is the LAST state id ever want to beat down a Texas team!

  2. It's so cute that Hannah has a little friend. :)


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