Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm a bit late with my picks however I'm sure you still wont mind me giving them right?

Houston Vs. Utah
I am taking Houston over Utah, with the remarks that McGrady made in a recent interview with Scoop Jackson of ESPN, where he basically said that if they don't make it out of the first round this year, he is putting the blame on himself. I personally feel that if and when McGrady has determination behind him, he is virtually unstopable, I mean we've seen it with 12 seconds to go in San Antonio a few years ago, and we saw it in the second half of game 1 against Utah this weekend.

Denver Vs. San Antonio & Dallas Vs. Golden State
I have a feeling that Denver is going to upset the Spurs but it's going to take 7 games to do so.

I think Dallas will win the series with Golden State, but I see this one going 7 games as well. Especially if my man Baron Davis keeps playing like he did last night.

Phoenix Vs. Lakers
The MVP Steve Nash will lead his team to victory in a six game series to the AMAZING Kobe Bryant. I just don't think the Lakers have a good enough team to withstand all that Pheonix has, I mean last year it went to 7 games, but last year, Pheonix didn't have Amare Stadamire. Not to mention last year Kwame Brown was actually living up to his potential for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is amazing so I think he will make it difficult but it wont be enough in the end.

In the east, it's a little bit more tricky, just because I really think it's anyones game, and just about every team has a legitamate chance at surviving, well accpet for Orlando, but here we go.

Miami over Chicago
Detroit over Orlando
New Jersey over Toronto
Washington over Cleveland (My boy Gilbert can play!)

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