Monday, April 02, 2007


I saw the new trailer for Transformers this weekend while actually talking about the movie (new and original cartoon) with my two brothers Matt, and Ethan. I can't wait for this movie to hit theaters, especially since it is starring "Shia LaBeouf" I really enjoy his movies, and the characters he has played.
Every preview I watch for this movie I get more and more excited. It's not one of those movies like Spawn that I got super excited cause I used to collect the comic books, and then you go see the movie, and the costumes and special effects are so horrible that it is a complete let down. You see with this movie, Michael Mann has gone all out to use some top notch special effects, and the action that he is known for.

As a kid I remember watching the cartoon all the time, and then we would go play with our transformers toys even more. Even as I got older and the cartoon was no longer on TV, I would randomly rent some old episodes from the local movie store just to refresh myself of some of those good old childhood memories. I can't say I'm a fanatic, but I am definetly a fan.
Here's a link to the site that I found the two trailers on for your viewing pleasure.


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