Thursday, May 31, 2007

Better Late...

I was waiting to upload some photos of the party to be able to share, but it's taking me too long, so I'm just going to make a quick post about it for now.

This past weekend was the Royal Celebration for our little princess Hannah. Heather's entire family came into town and stayed at our house on Friday - Sunday. So that Friday her mom and brothers showed up in the late afternoon, so we kinda hung out while we waited for her dad's plane to land which kept getting delayed because of bad weather. He finally got her after 6:00pm so we ended up meeting him at Red Robin for some burgers and good conversation. A magician was even entertaining us through most of it.

I took the day off on Friday, because that was Hannah's actual birthday, so the beginning of the day was spent treating Hannah to some fun times, she loves to play anywhere, so we decided to take her to McDonald's for breakfast. So I was able to eat a sausage McGriddle, which is literally heaven between to pancakes. After that we hit up Toys R Us and an hour later we walked away with two gifts for Hannah, neither one was the actual toy she spent the almost the entire hour wanting.

Saturday was the big day, the beginning was spent relaxing, watching TV, and playing a little two on two basketball with the McCallons until Caleb quit the second game, but stayed on the court at least for all three. Despite Jacobs constant nagging to go swimming me and Matt held strong to not got swimming for breakfast, and to wait for the opportune time later in the day. We got back and ate some delectable sandwiches and watched Nacho Libre until around 1:50 when people started to arrive for the party. I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from my brother Mark informing me he was in Waco and on his way to the party with his three girls. Then a little after 2:00 pm my Mom, my brothers Matt, Mark, and Ethan all arrived at my complex, with a little humble directional help from a directionally challenged guy (me.)

The party went really well, it took Hannah a bit to warm up, and leave me lap, and not have me hold her everywhere I went. For the longest time she would not leave my grips without throwing a fit and crying. It was kinda funny I held the cake down to her level with a lit candle and people started telling her to blow the candle out, and so she quickly leaned in and blew that candle right out, only it was before we even started singing. So we did that a bit backwards, but it was all good. Then we started opening her presents, and it only took Maile and the twins (Michaela & Marissa) helping her open the presents to finally catch on that she was getting cool, stuff then she started opening them all by herself.

After the presents everyone went outside to play some more, and Mark, Matt, Ethan, & I all took off to the basketball court to get some old time two on two Guymon games going. It was Mark & Me against Matt & Ethan. Me and Mark won two and lost one. So we went home winning the series. In the last game Mark brought the thunder and threw it down ONE HANDED on poor old Matt. Matt also got his three point shot utterly rejected by myself in one of the games.

Fun Times, Fun Times!!

Finally Jacob's nagging paid off because after everyone left we meaning me, Matt McCallon, Jacob, Caleb, & Hannah jumped in the pool and had some true summertime fun. After that we went back to the apartment in time for some good ol' Bar-B-Que Grand Dad Mac was grilling up. We ate some Hamburgers, Chicken, Potato Salad, & Baked Beams, and it was all quite scrumptious, with enough left overs to feed me lunch the rest of this week thus far to boot.

Sunday we ended up just hanging out watching The Italian Job and talking quite a bit about eating lunch, but it never happen, then their was a scuffle, and a few frustrated people loaded everything up in a truck and took off back to the far far corners of East Texas to the beautiful land of Buna!!!!

So I'd like to thank everyone who made it out for the shin-dig, it was a lot of fun, and Hannah really appreciated ALL her gifts, and ALL the company, she even cried when the McCallons left, she was REALLY sad to see them all go, despite my various scams and plans to get them to stay ONE more day. I was just happy the ENTIRE family was able to make it to the event, it was good to have EVERYONE together, along with some really good friends.

(missed at the party was my sisters Kelly & Shauna who both live too far away to make the trip, but I consider you both at least present in heart & Spirit, Kelly even called to wish Hannah a Happy birthday, (only she called my MOM to do so,) funny how things like that work out. Speaking of that Mark if you are reading this, can you please tell Matt Happy birthday for me when it comes around again?)


  1. I miss you guys and San Antonio!!! I'm so sorry I was planning on surpirzing you guys with a homemade birthday card for Hannah but I've been really sick and didn't get to. :( :( Give her a big belated birthday hug from aunt Shauna. I hate living so far away. Reading this made me sooooooo home sick/

  2. It's all good Shauna we understand both the distance and the money.

  3. Its getting old now. You can drop it.


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