Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Frustration began to weigh me down over the weekend, after Houston's loss in game seven. My phone began to vibrate with variouse text messages from Mark informing me of what I OBVIOUSLY already knew:

1.) Tracy McGrady once again will not make it out of the 1st Round of the Play-offs
2.) Tracy McGrady sucks...

I took a few days to recover, and moved all of my attention forward in delighting in the fact that Golden State blew out Dallas in game 6. Furthermore my happiness was only added upon with a blow out last night in Phoenix against the Spurs to tie up that series as they head into San Antonio for game 3.


Hannah is doing quite fabulouse, we tried to get her into the swimming pool over the weekend, with no prevail, although she is obsessed with leaning over and sticking her hand in the water, and attempting to throw whatever debree she can get her hands on, into the pool. I think a huge part of her not wanting to get in the pool has to do with the fact that she HATES when you take her shoes off. Speaking of shoes, she is on this kick where she wont let us put any shoes but her tennis shoes on her feet when we leave. She specifically demands that you put them on, by screaming, "shoooooooes! & socks!" at you until you get the correct pair. We prefer sticking sandals on her feet, because we don't have to search for a tiny pair of socks for her to wear.


"Deja Vu"
Starring Denzel Washington, ended up being not as GREAT as I thought it was going to be. That in no way is saying I didn't enjoy the movie, it just wasn't as good as I was expecting. The ending was kinda blahzey to me, and it didn't go into the whole theory of time travel as much as I thought, and well, it didn't cover a whole lot that I was thinking it would.

"Children of Men"
Although I wasn't satisfied with the ending in any way at all, I thought the movie was very intresting all the way through to the end. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who loves almost every movie dealing with the future, and time travel. I always find it intresting how people interpret where life is taking us, and how people will react to specific occurances throughout time.

In this movie supposeldy in 2009 women will begin to mis-carriage, until finally every human girl will become infertil, the movie never really tells you WHY this happens, only that it happens. The world is in chaos, and every city is pretty much destroyed, and chaotic accept for England (which is highly unbelievable solely on that point alone,) which was the only city to somehow maintain some stability, only, because of this, every person in the world is trying to sneak into England which has caused a HUGE problem with immigrants and keeping them out of LONDON, so anywhere you travel outside of the city, you run into a chance of being attacked by radical immigrants trying to fight back. Also even in the city their are radical terrorist groups (who are really the good guys) bombing different public places trying to fight back against the government.

Anyways the story really takes off when they are trying to get an illegal immigrant that miraculously became pregnant and has the baby along the journey to find a safe haeven with scientist, or some group that is trying to cure this problem. They are a mysteriouse group, that most people don't even believe truly exist. Along the way the group trying to excort this girl run into many problems along the way.

thats a long review for a movie I hated the ending too.

My movie watching always slows down dramatically come Play-offs, and March Madness.

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