Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking Back

I was looking through the pictures on my flickr account and came across this beauty, and I was just noticing how fast time flies. This is to say that this photo isn't even that old of a picture. I think it was taken around 6-8 months ago and I can still notice how much Hannah has grown and changed physically. Because her personality has stayed the same since she was around 6 months old.

That’s why I really make a strong attempt to live in the present as much as possible and try to soak in as much as I can and appreciate every moment because in a sense it is the last of that particular moment. It's funny because we take pictures in attempts to hold onto memories, and instances in time, but the most beautiful moments seemed to be captured in the mind, and sadly if you are me, the mind seems to let things fade and blur over time.

In fact just this past Sunday at church we were sitting out on the couch and Hannah was running around playing and she would run over to me and smile and giggle and then take off. The innocence and beauty in her eyes radiates from her, and her happiness becomes contagious with each little giggle and cheesy little smile. I am truly going to miss her little giggles, and I'm going to miss that little girl that yells for her daddy as her mom carries her off to bed at 2:00am. The girl that likes to push and pull me around the playground, the little girl who likes to drag me on long walks around the complex climbing up and down three flights of stairs just to turn around and walk right back down (without her daddies help.) That little girl that randomly runs to give her dad a hug throughout the day; the one who yells, "Shaaaaaaane!" from inside her room so I can go in and become her little slave. The little girl who has learned how to open "child proofed doors" to get to the little Reases Peanut Butter Cup candies, stealing 5-6 a day.

So many memories that I hope will never fade, and here’s at least one photo helping me hold strong.


  1. Great. Thanks for making me cry. She cant grow up, I wont let her.

  2. AAaaaaahhhhhh!! So cute. I'm so thankful that you do this because I atleast get to know Hannah a bit.


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