Saturday, October 06, 2007


Fresh off the presses, I turn 27 on Sunday October 14th, so mark your calendars and hit up your local Nike store, or good ol' fresh cash is always accepted as well. As a default I am always satisfied with a good ol' fashioned card, if it can make me laugh that will gain you extra bonus points. E-cards are also accepted but frowned upon unless they evoke a solid (not a courtesy) laugh.

In other news, I was recently, and by recently I mean Friday around 3:30, informed that I am getting a significant and also sufficient raise that went into effect October 1st. Not too shabby indeed my good friends out there...

I was looking back on a few old entries from blogs I have kept in the past, and came across this beauty that caused some beautiful memories to flood my brain.

"We both arrived on time...
which is good, I'm usually never on time.
I sat down as she approached the window to sign herself in
I began to read, It's a book I have been trying to finish for a few months now
I'm pretty weird when it comes to reading,
I enjoy reading but I go through spurts where I actually set aside time in my day to read...
It's really a matter of turning off the TV long enough to pick up a book.
Everyone who showed up after us seemed to get called in before us.

Finally I found myself all alone in a room sitting in a chair in the corner,
My wife was urinating in a cup...
I was left to my thoughts as I held my book in my lap.
Soon the silence was broken, and it wasn't long before the lights went out..
The only thing lighting the room was the screen, and the little amount of light that the crack between the floor and the bottom of the door would let pass through.
Before I knew it my little baby was on the screen in a very abstract way.
I struggled to be able to make sense of what was being shown on the screen.
The doctor tried her hardest to make sense of all the madness...
After staring into the screen long enough it finally made sense, and I saw her...
It's a girl!
It's so amazing to think about me being a father...(and scary)"

Reading through some of those old entries it's nice to remember the road I've traveled to reach where I am. That bumpy road has made me into who I am today. The crappy night time job I had taking catalog orders for Lane Bryant, Lerner, Chadwicks, and Brylane Home, as I was going to school full time. From their I got an internship that led to a more enjoyable job with low and painful pay. Then Hannah blessed our life and I kept pushing myself and pushing myself learning and growing through each and every bump in the road. It's fun to read my thoughts, and the different stories I shared. I really need to take the time and print all of it out or save it on a CD or my computer, maybe even all of the above.

"We moving on up in the world like elevators."


  1. That was so beautifuly written! You really are talented, I can't say it enough. And in more ways than one! Design your own blog!!!?!? That boggles my mind. That is so cool. Maybe you can teach me how to make a header like yours with a picture and a funky way to write "rockin with the burrs" Any ideas? Congrats on the raise too. Thats awesome!

  2. A well deserved raise I might ad!
    I wanted to tell you earlier in the day but Brian wanted to wait till 5pm and I finally told him I could nt wait...

  3. That's funny, I'm surprised you didn't tell me.

  4. Um that was signed under my name but Shane posted that comment...guess Shane didnt realize I was signed in.


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