Friday, September 28, 2007


The new Fall television line-ups have officially been kicking off. So last night was my favorite night of television. Starting at 8:00 was an hour long episode of The Office on NBC. Where we found out that Jim and Pam have hooked up but are trying to keep it a secreat. Not to mention Michael was up to his shananogans by starting the episode off with hitting one of the employees in the parking lot.

After that I flip it to the "FX" chanel to catch another hilariouse comedy that not alot of people know about. It's called, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The great thing about it, is they ahve been showing back to back new episodes. So that brings two hours of laughter into my life.

Other shows I'm watching:
How I met your mother (Monday)
Scrubs (New season hasn't started yet.)
Big Bang Theory (atleast the first episode.)

I also want to watch:
Las Vegas

hmmm, I'm drawing a blank and can't think of the others.... (I'll be updating this list as I remember.)

What are you watching this fall?


  1. These are all good shows, though they're all comedies... Actually, that's about all I watch too, so I can't rightly give you grief for that.

  2. Yeah when it comes to TV, I'm all about either sports or comedy.

    Now movies, thats where I get my drama suspense and thrillers, but I also am a big fan of the comedy.

    However at the end of a day their is nothing better to look forward to then sitting on the couch and getting some good quality comic relief.

    But David, you forgot to answer the question, what do you watch?

  3. CSI all the way!!!


    Criminal Minds

  4. I didn't mean anything by the Texas statement. I actually put it in there just for you. We were shocked that so many teams lost! It will be interesting to see what the Texas/OU game brings. Don't worry, I'm Texas all the way!! I HATE OU. Whoever wins that game has a pretty good chance at the Big 12 championship and maybe even nationals.

  5. Oh yeah, have you checked out "Chuck"?

  6. Not yet, I missed it.

    I did however check out Car Poolers & The Caveman show.


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