Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm A Pony! I'm A Pony!

Here's a friendly little photo of me and Hannah playing ride the horsey. this was the game Hannah wanted to play with me on Christmas eve. Somehow Heather managed to grab the camera and sneak in a few photos of us in action. Then proceeded to make fun of me for how "into it" I was. What that means is that if sound could be attached to a photo you would hear my weak attempt at mimicking a horse, while Hannah pulled back on my shirt and likewise made horsey sounds.

Anyways the real reason to show the photo is to let you know that this image and many many many many more have recently been uploaded to my Flickr account, so feel free to see exactly how our Christmas went. (Yeah I know I'm a little late with uploading these photos...)

Click the image above or here to see the rest of the Christmas photos.


  1. Ha ha it was hilarious and cute...I am glad I got it all on camera. You are a great dad.

  2. I love the pony pictures and the rest of your Christmas pics. We have the same play kitchen and car seat. Must run in the family. Thanks again for the post!

  3. That is really cute. It looks like you are having an even better time than Hannah was. I bet she was glad to have her daddy home over the holidays. And I was reading a through my blog and I never answered you way long ago. No my whole family did not come out at Christmas time. Three of my brothers stayed at their own homes (Dylan in MN, Derik in SC, and Stuart in FL). Hopefully next Christmas we are all going to get together. We haven't all been together in over 6 years!


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