Friday, January 11, 2008


I HATE Internet Explorer, and Microsoft which specifically means Bill Gates. Seeing as how Microsoft and Bill Gates are the reason that the majority of people use Internet Explorer, not necessarily as a choice but more out of laziness and convenience. You buy your computer and Internet Explorer is already on the computer with your nifty little buggy Windows operating system. You click on the icon and it opens up and appears to work sufficiently. Mean while the web designers in the world are having to spend too many hours trying to get their websites to behave the way they do in EVERY other browser known to man, but for some retarded reason it won't work in Internet Explorer 5 & 6. I'm not really sure why this should even be a problem since Internet Explorer has already been readily available for free to the world for a couple of years now. Internet Explorer is set to be released sometime this year or in the near future, but for some reason their is a large quantity of people who still use an in adequate browser.

The other question is why every other company that designs browsers has created a browser that reads and interprets code the way the code is written. It is only Internet Explorer that decides to interpret the code differently, and decides to ignore different aspects of code, which forces web designers to come up with all types of tricks and shenanigans to make the browser understand and cooperate.

So this humble message from a young frustrated soul goes out to the vast and infinite abyss of the world wide web, that everyone viewing this post at this time, if you are viewing it with internet explorer please follow this link to enlightenment and together we can eradicate this horrible disease that has been plaguing our computers.



  1. I don't like Explorer either and only use it when I absolutely have to. On computers other then my now.
    I do like the Micrososft guy though, he does lot for charity. Although I love Mac I don't like the Mac guy because he is a greedy snob.


  2. I prefer Safari :) :)


  3. Microsoft and Internet explorer is the root of all evil and should be banned in all countries except maybe Smithville Texas, but hey thats a whole other story

  4. Thank you for saying that. I have spent many late-late nights trying to correct code for IE many times completely redesigning my site in order for it to display right. I have reached the point now where I find it far easier for anyone to switch to Netscape, Safari, Firefox, Flock, etc. rather than still use IE. Therefore I refuse to code for it anymore. If it doesn't display than I'm sorry (kind of).


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