Monday, January 28, 2008

A Beloved Prophet Passes Away

I had a link about it last night in my side bar in the "Net Worthy" section. But then I thought how many people that come to my blog really ever even look at that area. So I felt that Gordon deserved more respect than a measly little link on my sidebar. So he gets a full fledged entry.

To read full details on the story and his life click on the image above (or the link in the sidebar.)

I was laying down with Hannah trying to get her to fall asleep. I think she was actually REALLY close, because she had remained still for a fair amount of time, she quit hitting my forhead and whispering, "Dad! Dad!" Then asking me to tickle her back, arm, or leg. She also quit kicking me in my back, and she refrained from pushing any buttons on her singing stuffed animals. When Heather threw the door open breaking all of the silence and in a loud voice said, "Shane, my friend jsut told me President Hinckley died."

Hannah and me both popped our head up, and I told Hannah to stay in bed and go to sleep, and that I had to go talk to mom. Well with her door cracked open a bit and us in the next room on the computer and Heather on her phone calling different people (she talks VERY loudly when on the phone.) This of course caused quite a ruckus, so Hannah began playing with toys again, and all of a sudden she yelled for both her mom and dad, she said, "Mom, Dad I pooped!"

Sure neough she did, so she hopped down from bed, and came into the other room and I changed her diaper. Heather carried her back to bed, but she kept getting back down, as far as she was concerned everyone was still awake and having fun, so why not her. Heather tried and tried to go back in the room and tell her she had to go to bed, she kept yelling back, "NO! I don't want to go to bed!"

Finally I returned back to the bed and laid beside her tickling her back, arms and legs. I actually fell asleep when Heather came barging in again and saw Hannah sitting up in bed and told her she needed to go to bed. So I left, and Hannah cried and complained a bit and finally fell asleep around 11:00.

Heather and I went and laid in bed and finally fell asleep around 12:00 -12:30.

Anyways it was very bitter sweet to hear the news, and I had to get some sort of confirmation of it, before I could actually believe it. I'm happy that he has returned home, and returned to be with his wife once again. I'm happy he can finally rest from the struggles that this life brings. I'm sad that I will not hear him speak, and be apart of the great work which he was doing on this earth for humanity as a whole. He was a very humble, smart, spiritual, loving, and humorous man. When he spoke you could feel his sincere heart, and the love he had for ALL people regardless of race, religion, or nationality. He tirelessly trotted across the globe with a tremendous work ethic both for his age, and for any person in general. He was a true leader by example and will be missed by millions.


  1. Shane I really wish you would stop referring to how loudly I talk on the phone when YOU yourself are no soft speaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop pointing the finger and recognize *snaps finger*

  2. I am gonna film you one day randomly. You will be proven wrong.

  3. LOL Marc talks VERY loud when he is on the phone too. Sounds like he is yelling. Anyhow, I was lieing in bed reading when Marc came in a and told me. I felt so stunned. I shed a few tears and Marc said a lovely prayer. I sure am going to miss him but I too am so very happy for him.



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