Friday, February 29, 2008

The Coward Bobby Ford

I finally was able to rent The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and since the moment the film ended it has stayed on my mind. I really loved this movie, and how much historical details they included in the film. It is very well narrated, the cinemotagraphy was outstanding, and the landscapes and scenery in the film were beautiful.

I heard a lot of critics talk about how long and slow the movie was, but it didn't ever seem neither when i was watching it. I thought the movie and the story really flowed. Not too mention both Brad Pitt and Casey Afflek (who is 100 times the actor his LAME brother ever was and ever will be) gave stellar performances, and very very believable. The film did a great job of developing the characters and giving you a real inside look at how everything developed and how and why everything happened the way it did. I don't recall the language being very bad, nor was it very violent. This is not to say that it is neccessarily a "family" film, but it is definetly worth anyones time watching it.

The other aspect of the film that I felt really made it an enjoyable experience was the music in the movie, it really helped set the tone throughout the entire film, also the landscapes and scenery in general really helped with the tone of the movie.

It even provoked quite a bit of a discussion between Heather and I about the movie afterwards over why Bobby Ford was called a coward, she felt that he did the right thing, me on the other hand, I believe he was definitely a coward. Anyone who has also seen the movie, feel free to share your feelings in the comments or email me and we can talk about it.

I can't wait to watch the movie for a second and maybe a third time, the only problem is I am way behind on my list of must sees to be able to do that at this time, especially since March madness and the play-offs are quickly approaching.


  1. I don't think it was coward of him. Jesse would have killed him if he wouldn't have done it first. Think about it, if I have a job to do (aka killing someone that deserves killing) I am not going to TELL him and showcase it before hand! I can just hear that conversation now..."Hey Jeeeeesssssee look at me...I'm gonna kill ya!"

    Uh yeah, would not have ended well for Robert Ford.

  2. Also you can't judge Robert and his brother too harshly...they had not been sleeping for fear that Jesse was going to get to THEM first! I would have been a nervous wreck too and when you are in that mind set it is basically survival mode from that point on...Robert did it out of survival, because again, if he did not do it first then Jesse would have come after him until he found him and shot him first. That is my take on it. I am rooting for the underdog here. Jesse James was a bad bad man, not a hero. I don't think it is right for us to glamorize his death like that. Robert Ford was a young kid asked to do a job and he did it. Yes, he took it too far by parading around and bragging about it, that was not right at all, but you can't really change that now can ya?

  3. So in conclusion...Robert Ford was and is not a coward.

    The end.

    Not sure why I had to put this in three parts. I think it is because I kept forgetting stuff.

  4. Bobby Ford did it because he thought he wanted to become famous, he wanted to BE Jesse James. He wanted people to write books about him, and he wanted to be a hero.

    For Years Bobby Ford begged and begged to be a part of his gang, begging Jesse to trust him and let him be his side kick. Jesse never trusted him and always got the willies around him.

    It turned out he was right, because Jesse didn't do the things he did for fame, in the end I'm not sure I can agree with you, that he was going to kill Bobby Ford.

    As for the lack of sleep, I wouldn't of been able to sleep either if I knew I was lying to someone and was really planning to ARREST Jesse James, they didn't tell Bobby Ford to kill him, they wanted him to turn him in. Then for him to shoot him in the back of the head basically in front of his wife and kid is a coward thing to do.

    Then to go on and try to tour around re-enacting it to make MORE money off of it, well that is even more coward.

    thats why i think it is funny that he didn't get ANYTHING out of killing Jesse James as he thought he would get.

    In fact before this movie came out I had NEVER even heard of the name Bobby Ford, but I had definitely heard of Jesse James.


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