Saturday, April 05, 2008

Lifting Spirits

If you are like me and you need something to pick your spirits up after watching UNC lose to Kansas. Especially since the first half UNC forgot to show up to the game. I mean seriously like five minutes into the game I was searching my remote for a reset button. The second half they finally decided to play and came within five but then for some strange reason they decided to make a change in their defense, even though I've always lived under the philosophy that if it aint broke DON'T fix it.

Either way Lykke Li should make you feel a little better, cause that girl CAN SING! But seriously try to get a hold of the actual version, this is a live acoustic version, the version on her album is MUCH better.

Check her out here or here.


  1. Pretty good. You know you post about lifting your spirits is fitting b/c her name means "Happy" in swedish norwegian and danish.

  2. I told you I had a bad bad feeling...usually I am never wrong with these things. You should listen to me more. I have ESPN.

  3. Oh yeah and there's always next year!

    GO Heels!

  4. Steve-
    That does make it even more PERFECT & fitting.

  5. ESPN!! ROFL HAAAA HAAA HAAAA That's a good one Heather. :)


  6. Dag nabit! Both my teams lost! It was a bad Saturday. But it taught me why we don't gamble- I would have lost a lot of money!

  7. So it is YOUR fault! When North Carolina lost I said it was because there were men out there who didn't go to the priesthood session-- thanks a lot!


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