Monday, April 07, 2008

Quite the Imagination

So Saturday morning I am laying on the couch with Hannah laying beside me. I'm watching TV and Hannah is munching away on a strawberry pop-tart when all of a sudden I start to here Hannah having a conversation with her pop-tart that went something like this.

Hannah: "Mmmmm, Armf! Armf! Armf!" (that is chomping sounds by the way.)
Pop-tart (In a higher pitched voice): "No! Don't eat me!" as her little hand shakes the pop tart from side to side.
Hannah: "Mmmmm, Armf! Armf! Armf!"

Hannah has been doing really good with her potty training. You might even be able to say that she is already trained. A funny thing we noticed this weekend is whenever I'm around she yells for me to come into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the tub beside her and she talks to me the whole time she is peeing or pooping. However if Heather is around and tries to walk in on her in the bathroom she yells at her saying, "NOOOO! Go check your e-mial!"

It's the funniest thing in the world, she did it again in the middle of the night last night before she went to sleep, and she yelled from her room that she had to go pee, so Heather went to get her out of bed and stuck her head into the bathroom and that is what Hannah yelled to her, and everytime Heather would peek back in the door to check up on her she would repeat the same command.

Hannah has done so well that although we put a pull up on her when she takes a nap and goes down for the night she continuously wakes up dry as can be.

So let's get some Hi-Fives all around for Hannah! (A virtual Hi-Five can be given by way of a comment if you so chose.)


  1. Hi Five

    I wish I could make it through the night...

  2. Yay Hannah! Way to show up your dad! Someday Guymon... someday.

  3. What a Potty Party!! Good Job Hannah! That is great news- and way to take no pity on the pop tarts! I'm glad that heather is getting a lot of e-mail checking too.

  4. Why the crappy picture!!!!!!!!!!???

  5. Hahaha. Go check your email. That is classic

  6. Hannah gets a high five from Uncle Matt ^2 (thats uncle matt to the second power b/c she has two uncle matts)...additionally, heather, what is this telling you about how much time you spend on the computer...i mean what kind of example are you setting?...i want a pop tart

  7. Ha ha well MATT, dear brother of mine, it means that I spend a LOT of time on the yeah you are right.

    Pop tarts aren't low in points. Go eat an english muffin instead!!!!


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