Friday, April 04, 2008

To Sum It Up

Joe PurdyCan't Get it Right Today

This song pretty much sums up my week. Maybe even the month....


  1. Rough month huh? Hope it gets better. That's pretty cool that you can embed a song from last fm.
    - steve

  2. This may be true but you cant go wrong with some TANG © and purchasing some of these for your bath

  3. Yeah I was pretty excited when I saw that you could embed a song from last fm too. That was one of the main reason's I did it, because I jsut now realized you could do it.

  4. Aww where's Shane's little violin...he's gonna play it for us...ready and-a-one, and-a-two...

    LOL I am such a loving and understanding wifey...

    I love you honey!

  5. Come try my life on for a week. You'll feel much better. LOL



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