Friday, December 19, 2008

Brandon Vaughn

I recieved an email earlier today from Bob Banta, of the American Statesman asking me to call him to answer some questions about Brandon. I pointed him in the direction of two closer friends instead. I contacted Bob at around 6:30 pm to find out that he had just finished writing the story and thanked me for my help. I asked him to email me the article when it went live. If you're interested here it is:
"Two youths killed in car wreck shared love of basketball"

I also found out that his Funeral will be held at:
One Way Baptist Church off of Hairyman Road at 11:00am on Monday (December 22, 2008).


  1. How tragic. :(


  2. The services is @ 11:00 AM on Monday, December 22, 2008 @ One Way Baptist Church.

  3. those were my friends it sucks it happened to them they didnt deserve it its not fair


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