Saturday, February 21, 2009

Giraffe Shirt

I'm really interested in getting a shirt that I designed a couple years ago produced. A couple years ago I tried submitting it to threadless, but it didn't survive the voting round. That was my most economical route to go, and a couple years ago I went through this period where I was dead set on getting a shirt onto threadless, because then it doesn't cost me anything, and I have a chance to have a ton of people also wearing my shirt. After a few rounds of getting denied over and over again I finally through in the towel.

Now I am trying to revive my love for designing my own shirts, but I need your help. So I am wondering how many people out there want a super dope "Giraffe Shirt." The minimum I have to have produced is 25 before I can have the shirts produced. I don't have enough money to front to have the 25 shirts produced with just the hope of selling them off and making my money back.

So here we are, can I find 25 people that would love to wear a giraffe shirt as much as I would? If a giraffe isn't good enough take a looksie at what other graphic t-shirts I have cooked up.

COST: $8.00 or $10.00 (plus shipping)


  1. Shane Shane- I'm sorry I'm SO SO Bad at commenting and replying to comments. Grad school is keeping me busier than I expected. Awesome shirt man. I liked the other ones you came up with too. I'm glad you liked the movie- it really is totally for you- I'm glad you liked the music- it seems like music you would like. I didn't mean to give it that bad of a grade- I just have bad feelings about NYC since Brandon's sister is going to school there now and she has turned crazy- leaving the church and moving in with boyfriends. It is crazy- so I think that is why we were also in a bad mood too. Sorry! But his gay friends were pretty funny in it.

  2. I'll take one! If I can't get a women's shirt (small) I'll take an XS please! :) Actually... I'll take 2!


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