Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harvey Danger: Little By Little

Psych had a special Friday the 13th episode on Friday the 13th. Where they played off of the old Friday the 13th movies, which was GREAT. During the episode they played a song that was familiar to me, but I couldn't recall who sang it or what the song was called. So I asked my friend Amanda (who works with me) if she knew who sang the song that went like this, “Paranoia, Paranoia they’re coming to get me...” So she said it was a Harvey Danger song called Flagpole Sitta. So I did a quick Google search and come to find out they have a relatively new album, and this what their website is saying:
"We are offering the entirety of our third album, Little by Little..., as a free download** (if you're curious why we're doing this, you can read our reasons here)."
(**Click on the title to head on over to their website for the FREE download).

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  1. yup, i have a blog... do i update it frequently? nope! :) I am pretty bad about keeping up! :) Your blog is pretty fun though! Good job!


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